Trent Broadhurst
The Australian light heavyweight Trent Broadhurst has his eyes on titles worldwide.  There's a renaissance of boxing going on in the Southern hemisphere and Broadhurst wants to be a part of it:

Firstly, for those British fans unaware of you, what type of boxer would you describe yourself as?

I would describe my style in the ring as a boxer/puncher, a tactician. I'm never looking for one big shot but rather taking my opponent apart piece by piece. I love the thinking part of this sport, the chess game. 

What is the Australian boxing scene like at present and how hard is it to get recognition?

The Australian boxing scene is thriving at the moment, there is a lot of great young talent coming through. I'm sure I speak for every boxer in the country when I say we all struggle for not just recognition but publicity in general. Jeff Horn will fight all time great Manny Pacquiao in July which will only increase the publicity for boxing in Australia and if he can somehow pull off an upset that would really put a spot light on the sport here. 

You're ranked number one amongst Australian light heavyweights - is there much appetite to see you fight one another from Australian fight fans?

There definitely is but no disrespect to any of the guys in my weight but I'm a few levels above them now and I'm in a great position looking for defining fight. It's very rare to see an Australian against an Australian, we just don't have the numbers in the divisions like other other parts of the world but in saying that there is a lot of guys not willing to step up and challenge themselves. I remember back a few years ago the Australian light heavyweight title was vacant and we challenged every single guy in the division to fight me for it, not one of them wanted to know about so we had no choice but to move on. It was disappointing to not have that opportunity. 

You're ranked in the top 15 with the IBF - how hopeful are you of getting a shot in the next 12 months?

Yes I am sitting at number 8 at the moment so it's very exciting times for myself and my team. I know for a fact that I have the skills to match it with any of the top guys at light heavyweight, I just need the opportunity. 
Hopefully in the next 12-18months I will get an opportunity to fulfil a life long dream of fighting for a world title. 

There's been talk of a fight between you and Callum Johnson of the UK for the Commonwealth title.  Is that a fight that interests you?

The UK is where it's all happening at the moment so yes a fight with Callum does interest me, he's the commonwealth champion and a tough fighter with good skill from a solid amateur career, I'd love the opportunity to fight him. Eddie Hearn has somewhat taken over the world of boxing and put the UK on the map in a big way. The sport is just massive there at the moment, so to beat Callum in the UK that would then push my name amongst the group of great light heavyweights there, I think there are some great fights for myself in the UK. 
How much did it annoy you that you never got the rematch with Berridge before he retired?
It ate away me everyday for a long long time. Anyone that knows me, knows how competitive I am. I had won every single round up until he caught me, I would have given anything to get him in the ring for a rematch. That was my first fight at light heavyweight 6 years ago but I've now grown into a big strong light heavyweight and I am very comfortable at this weight. We tried to make the rematch a few times but after negotiations started it was clear he and his team wanted no part of it, they knew they got lucky and that's a fact. Respect where it is due though he has had some great performances against some of the best in the world and I want to congratulate him on having the great career he's had. 

All of your fights to date have taken place in Australia - would you be willing to travel for the right opportunity

100% willing to travel to any part of the world for any opportunity. 

What do you do outside of the ring?
I still work 40-44hrs per week as a safety advisor so between that and the 10-12 training sessions per week I'm getting in as much rest and recovery as possible. I am basically working 2 jobs, I make great money as a safety advisor more than enough to live a comfortable life but Boxing is my one true passion, I've been in love with this sport since my first day in the gym. I do a bit of prospecting for coins, gold and that sort of stuff with my Dad whenever I get the chance, it's great to get out in the bush and take a break from everything for the day. 

Who are the team that you have working with yourself?
My head trainer is Chris McCullen, we have been working together for 15yrs. He knows me better than anyone else and has always brought the best out of me. 

My assistant coach is Steve Wijangco. Steve is a former fighter himself and has developed into a great coach. He is always there throughout my fight preparation no matter what. 

My strength and conditioning coach who I've only just started working with these last 6 months is Kenneth Wood before that I would do all my own strength work but it's important to have someone who understands the mechanics of boxing and exactly what training I should be doing and when. The benefits I'm getting from his knowledge is unbelievable. 

My team is only small and we train in a small gym but It works and it that's a credit to the people I have around me. I wouldn't change a thing. 

Are there are sponsors you're working with that you'd like to mention?

I'd just like to thank my loyal and long time sponsors - 
Dominic and Sally Edwards, Business logic accounts
Reece Trembath, DB Group Global
Kenneth Wood, woodeez health and fitness 
Stuart May, style kitchen designs 

To this day all of these guys continue to make my boxing career just that little bit easier through all the support they provide me with.