Greatest Fighters That Never Won a World Title
Author:  Paul Hindley

Greatest Fighters Never to Win a World Title
The question of the best fighter never to win a world championship is one that crops up a lot online and amongst boxing forum dwellers. Whilst I am not arrogant enough to believe I am the man to settle the debate I am willing to stick my head above the parapet and give my thoughts on the top ten greatest ever.
Those who make their way through the full list will notice it does lean somewhat towards the old timers. Whilst this tends to be my favourite era of the sport I don’t believe the absence of modern fighters is a reflection of this, but a reflection of my view that if you’re not winning a title in an era of four governing bodies and seventeen divisions then, to be blunt, you’re perhaps not all that great. Also what constitutes being avoided has changed out of no recognition. Of the ten fighters on the list only one received an actual recognised world title fight. If we contrast this with the modern era, Bomber Graham is frequently and fairly cited as one of the most avoided fighters of recent times and he received three title shots.  I genuinely struggle to put guys who received multiple title shots, when a title shot does not necessarily mean fighting the best in the division, and who still couldn’t get it done in with the guys who I have selected.

​So, given the expansive list of names that make up the full list, below are links to each of their profiles, backgrounds and fights histories that give you an overview of the great men that never reached the pinnacle.  Just simply click on the name and enlighten yourself about the great names that time has often neglected to remember (then click back and come here again to your next one, these pages need reading):

1)   Sam Langford

​4)  Jimmy Bivins

​5)  Mike Gibbons

​6)  Harry Wills

​8)  Lew Tendler

​10)  Jim Driscoll