The Showdown

As the boxing season starts to wind down, Olivia Goodwin put on The Showdown, headlined by Kay Prospere vs Nathan Weise in an English super-lightweight title eliminator.  The undercard has some top prospects coming through, including the likes of Deion Jumah, William Webber and Dean Richardson as the York Hall crowd are treated to a night of action:

Louis Isaacs vs Peter Alexandrov, 4x3 - Super Lightweight

1-0 Isaacs is aiming to progress his fledgling career.  An exciting first round, Isaacs times his right hand well from the opening bell, picking his openings.  The jab works well but not used enough, a lovely left hook landing from Isaacs before he starts to work the body more.

Solid second round from Isaacs who sits better behind the jab.  He still looks to load up on shots heavily, Alexandrov looks unbothered by the shots he is taking.  The third round sees Issacs show some nice defensive patterns, enjoying himself in there.  The exchanges they do have, Isaacs is well on top as a large bump starts to appear over the right eye of Alexandrov.

In the fourth, Alexandrov seems to have Isaacs in trouble early, catching him with a nice right hand that sends him into the ropes as his engine seems to be emptying.  By the end though, his second wind kicks in and Isaacs finishes the fight on top.

The referee Mark Bates scores the bout 39-38 to Louis Isaacs who moves to 2-0.
Mo Gharib vs Aleksandrs Birkenbergs, 4x3 – Lightweight
Uneventful first from the two, feeling their way into the fight.  A bit of show boating from Gharib, would have been nice to see him up his workrate to go with it.  In the second, Birkenbergs starts to try and beckon Gharib in but he isn't having it.  Neither is asserting themselves enough to dominate the fight.

The third sees both again showboat more effectively than land meaningful punches.  Gharib is having the better of the exchanges but there doesn't seem to be much threat behind the punches.  

In the fourth again more show boating, as both pretend to be drunk within the ring.  A strange approach.  You were left with the feeling that neither did what they could have done.  More fighting required, more feet planting and less showboating.

Referee Chaz Coakley scored the bout 40-36 to the winner Mo Gharib 
Adi Burden vs Tzetozat Iliev, 6x3 - Light Heavyweight
The first two pass quietly.  Burden controls behind the jab, using his height and reach advantage.  A left hook to the body by Burden is the danger punch, landing it multiple times but Iliev doesn't look like he is going anywhere soon.

In the third, Burden is taking centre ring and jabbing well, closing in to throw that hook to the body when he gets a chance.  Iliev is wary to throw anything back.  The pattern continues in the fourth, another fully dominant round for Aylesbury's Burden, but Iliev looks comfortable.

In the fifth, Iliev gets success to the head of Burden with a left hook but Burden takes the shot well.    A good exchange on the ropes as Burden catches Iliev with a solid uppercut as the two exchange.  Iliev  lands another nice left hook of his own towards the end of the round but once again, Burden is on top and seems to have managed his energy levels well through the rounds.   

The sixth round was a right tear up, both lads leaving it all in there.  Great exchanges as the two stood and traded big punches, blood and sweat landing ringside (including on my keyboard).  A really enjoyable round, Iliev looking exhausted as he nearly tumbles out of the ring with Burden still on the attack.  As the bell goes, both lads have full earned the applause that greets them.

The referee Mark Bates scored the bout 60-54 to Adi Burden.

Adrian Martin vs Jordan Grannum, 6x3 - Super Welterweight
7-0 Martin from Essex is looking to carry on the undefeated start to his career.  An even opening round, Martin looking to utilise his longer reach and paw the jab on Grannum.  The highlight of the round is a solid left hook to the body by Grannum that causes Martin to wince but he is straight back into it.

Through the second and third again there is little separating the two.  Martin is the aggressor of the two, looking to push the workrate of the fight, but Grannum is having his success in the countering of shots.  Good work to the body by Martin is securing him the rounds.  

In the fourth, Grannum starts to force the action more, a nice double left hook to the head landing.   Later in the round a solid left hook to the body lands from Grannum that seems to take some of the air out of Adrian Martin.

Martin goes back to controlling the fight in the fifth, working from the centre and making Grannum expend energy circling.  Martin chooses when to engage, stepping into space and throwing from angles well.  

Grannum opens the final round with a big left hook, before then tapping the jab and landing a nice uppercut but Martin absorbs it.   The round ends with the two standing and trading shots, the blood pouring from the nose of Martin but still getting the better of the exchanges.

The referee Lee Cook scored the bout 60-55 to Adrian Martin in a well deserved win.
Nick Parpa vs Grigor Karastoyanov, 4x3 – Cruiserweight
A solid first round for the aggressive Parpa.  He bobs and weaves his way into space, throwing over hands when the opportunity presents itself.  The round ends in a sloppy way as a right hand seems to connect from Parpa, but his opponent slips and they end on the floor.
A fast opening to the second, Parpa connecting a right hand to the body and Karastoyanov takes a knee.  He's up but not comfortable, before Parpa fires into the same spot again and the fight is over.

Referee Chaz Coakley stops the bout in the second round for the winner, Nick Parpa.

Curtis Felix vs Ricky Rose, 4x3 – Welterweight
Felix controls well from the start of the first round, centre ring using his jab.  However he quickly gets clipped with a right hand from Rose which seems to startle him.  He gathers his senses and boxes well to finish the round.  

In the second, Felix again controls the action but is on the end of the best punch of the round, Rose landing a nice left hook.  The third round, Felix handles Rose well, an awkward opponent who is happy to work off the roes.

In the final round Felix is happier to engage, working well to the body and dominating the end of the fight.

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-37 to the undefeated Curtis Felix.

Ryan Walker vs Stefan Slavchev, 6x3 – Featherweight
6-0 Walker continues his journey towards titles.  The fight starts frantically, the squat Walker going after Slavchev from the off. He finds an opening for the right hand to the body which he sinks in, Slavchev sinking to the canvas.  He looks to get up but the legs aren't there and it's waved off.

Referee Chaz Coakley stops the bout after 55 seconds of the  first round 

Robbie Chapman vs Liam Griffiths, 4x3 – Middleweight
A dominant first round for Chapman on his debut.  A good variation of shots to journeyman Griffiths, hammering in body hooks and mixing in uppercuts well.  Griffiths ends up on the canvas but it's ruled a slip - it's clear Chapman is a handful.

Southpaw Griffiths starts the second round pushing forward with the head to the distaste of the referee.  It's a way to try and nullify the classier work of Chapman, who still finds success with his array of shots, seemingly causing Griffiths a lot of problems.  

The workrate of Chapman is catching up with him, slowing in the third.  Griffiths is using his experience to sap the energy, tying up the elbows and making life difficult for debutant Chapman.  By the fourth, spurred on by his large following, Chapman starts to raise the energy levels again.  Griffiths knows his role well though, closing any space and making sure Chapman doesn't have the opportunity to let his shots go.

An impressive debut from Chapman, making easy work of an opponent who has caused many fighters trouble in the past.  

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-37 in favour of Chapman to the delight of the crowd.

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Dean Richardson vs William Warburton, 8x3 - Super Welterweight
Richardson, 6-0, comes up against one of the elite journeymen in the country, who is himself fresh off an upset win over Aaron Morgan.
A cautious opening, Warburton circling the ring as southpaw banger Richardson works that long jab, occasionally stepping in with the left.  A good hook to the body by Richardson the highlight of the round.

Richardson controls the fight well through the second and third, sticking to his fundamentals, working his jab and straight left hand.  Warburton doesn't show any signs of opening up so far tonight.  In the fourth though, Warburton is happy to throw hooks to the head of Richardson who covers well.  A nice uppercut in the corner from Richardson pierces the tight guard of Warburton, but again his experience shows as he moves off and makes Richardson work for his success.

Richardson holds centre of the ring well, keeping the very dangerous but tightly covered Warburton on the outside of the ring.  Through the seventh, Warburton fires a flurry of hooks to Richardson's head which are blocked well.  Richardson seems to have budgeted his energy correctly through the rounds, holding power still in his hooks which are getting through the Warburton defence.

Richardson in the final round opens smartly, nice short uppercuts in the corner making the opening for another effective hook to the body. 

The referee Mark Bates scored the bout 80-73 to clear winner Dean Richardson.

Reece Cattermole vs Victor Edagha, 4x3 – Middleweight
Well controlled first round for debutant Cattermole - he feints well from both shoulders to keep Edagha guessing.  His jab works well as he parades from centre ring.  He has Edagha in trouble  towards the end of the round, stumbling back.

A bit of a scrappy, yet enjoyable affair in the second round.  When the two comes together they seem to throw at the same time - neither being successful consistently enough to take control.  In the third, Cattermole seems to have his control back and composed himself.  he catches the incoming Edagha with a short chopping left which sends him to the canvas.  The referee starts the count and he is up with plenty to spare.  

In the final round the two exchange often in a highly enjoyable end to the fight.  Cattermole consistently comes out on top, almost sending Adaghha to the canvas once again but he keeps his footing as Cattermoole sees the fight out strongly on his debut.
Referee Mark Bates scored the bout 40-35 to the winner on his debut, Reece Cattermole.

Deion Jumah vs Tomislav Rudan, 6x3 – Cruiserweight
Composed start by Jumah, not throwing too much but making sure what he does has a purpose.  Rudan rotates away from the southpaw danger through the round as Jumah takes his time.  

In the second the pattern repeats itself, Rudan looking to stay out of trouble.  He is caught on the ropes though by a right shovel hook into the body and is down.  He beats the count and seems to be ok.  Jumah is again patient, doesn't rush to find an opportunity.  The chance comes later in the second - a flurry of shots as Rudan retreats send him once again to the canvas.  Rudan is up and survives the end of the round
In the opening of the third Jumah is again on top attacking the body.  It is a right into the stomach that ends the fight - a powerful shot and Rudan is unable to beat the count.

The referee Chaz Coakley stops the fight in round number three for the winner, the classy Deion Jumah.

International Challenge Belt, Darrel Church vs Daniel Borosov, 8x3 - Light Heavyweight

The two spend the early rounds feeling each other out.  The rounds pass without much action, Darrell Church working the jab and letting the occasional left hook go. 

Through the mid rounds, Church is able to be dominant without ever making it pay.  Despite a solid control of the distance with his jab, Borisov is in no danger and Church is happy to keep him at range.  The fight is quiet, neither willing to engage.

The fight fizzled out.  Neither was happy to stand and trade, Church was too good to be troubled.

Referee Chaz Coakley scored the bout 78-74 in favour of the winner Darrel Church.
English Title Eliminator, Kay Prospere vs Nathan Weise, 10x3 - Super Lightweight
Round one, both have their successes.  Prospere comes out in southpaw, an unfamiliar stance.  After rolling a lunging hook, he switches straight into orthodox.  Both warm into the fight.

A good round two for Prospere, started from a big left hook to the body that leaves Weise visibly pained.  Prospere spots it and goes in, throwing fast combinations as Weise looks unable to hold him off or handle the speed of the shots.  He survives well against the odds though.  The thirds is similar, Prospere once again finding early success as Weise looks damaged.  The referee pays close attention to Weise as he escapes, but Prospere is brimming with confidence as he goes on the hunt.  

The fourth is just as dominant for Prospere but without signs of damage from Weise.  The pace has slowed down as both seem to recuperate.

In the fifth, Prospere again is in control of proceedings, as he works away on Weise when he comes inside.  A huge right hook from Prospere out of southpaw catches Weise unguarded and he's down.  He lands face first on the canvas, but immediately starts to raise up to his knees.  He is up at 8, but his legs haven't caught up with his body and the referee calls an end to proceedings.  

Winner by 5th round KO in a hugely impressive performance, Kay Prospere.
Jon Palata vs Aleksay Spasok, 4x3 - Heavyweight
 Palata on his debut is stalking Spasok around the ring.  Takes his time and watches for the openings to come, working his methodical jab.  He manages to trap Spasok in the corner and unloads.  Heavy punches send Spasok to the canvas but he manages to beat the count as the round ends.  In the second Spasok immediately retreats, Palata shows nice ring generalship to cut him off, from centre ring he traps Spasov and again those heavy hands start to fly.  Spasov is down, almost rolling from the ring and this time he can't beat the count.

1 minute 50 seconds of round two, referee Mark Bates stops the action and the winner on his debut, Jon Palata.

Referee Mark Bates

William Webber vs Geraint Goodridge, 4x3 - Super Middleweight
Quick hands from Webber to start the fight, a good start by both fighters as they are happy to let their hands go.  

The second and third are much the same - Webber seems to carry the heavier hands.  By the fourth the frenetic pace is still going, both fighters seeming to take attack to be their best form of defence.  Hands are thrown from all angles at high speed, but neither can find that killer punch as the bell goes to end the fight.

The referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-38 to William Webber to the adulation of his fans.
Bradley Spencer vs Gabor Balogh, 4x3 - Middleweight
Unfortunately due to time constraints I was unable to watch this fight in full.