Ryan Smith of Smith Sports on behalf of Goodwin Boxing puts on a huge card to end the boxing year.  20 bouts and some top upcoming talents, as well as a number of debutants, sees York Hall finish 2017 in style.

Jack Smith vs Reiss Taylor, 4x3 - Super Flyweight
Entertaining opener as the far shorter Taylor looks to literally jump into the punching zone.  As he does so he swings in big right hands with varying success.  Smith tries to control off the jab but Taylor is making this awkward.

In the second, Taylor opens strongly with a launched right hand, while keeping his head bobbing to the side.  A big left hook though from Smith starts to make Taylor think twice.  A nice right hook from Smith again pushes Taylor back to the ropes, but it seems to ignite something inside of Taylor.  He comes with a big right hand on the ropes that catches Smith flush on the chin and he's out cold.

Referee Lee Every calls an end to the bout that in 2:40 of round number two for the winner Reiss Taylor.
Liam Dillon vs Jamie Quinn, 4x3 – Lightweight
A successful first round for Dillon who throws straight, hard shots that are getting through.  His squat physique lends itself to the left hook to the body which he works well.

Dillon charges in the second round again with the big straight shots.  Through the round he takes a couple of left hooks to the head but it doesn't deter him coming forwards

The third and fourth follow a similar suit, Dillon firmly controls the action while Quinn is able to avoid engaging too often.  

The referee Lee Cook scores the bout 39-37 to Dillon who moves to 4-0 in his career.
Dalton Miller vs Lewis Van Poetsch, 4x3 – Middleweight
Tight first round, although both are willing to engage and throw, neither are putting a dent in one another.  
Miller works the right hook well through the middle rounds, targeting the body.  The right hook from Van Poetsch catches well, as does the uppercut but Miller takes them well.

The final round passes with both lads finding rare success, the highlight a big left hook from Van Poetsch, but Miller controls the action throughout.

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 39-37 to Miller who moves to 5-8-1.
Anesu Twala vs Fonz Alexander, 4x3 - Super Lightweight
A comfortable first round for Twala who controls the pace of the fight well.  The rare times Alexander attacks, Twala is able to show off his vast defensive skillset.  

In the second Alexander shows more ambition as the two trade centre ring.  Twala lands a nice counter right and again when needed, evades the Alexander shots with ease.
Twala controls easily through the third and fourth rounds.  However he is too eager to look for the counter punching, his first instinct to always look to counter shots - often when there was never one thrown in the first instance to evade.  A lovely, technical fighter but seems to lack the power and aggression to do damage to Alexander.

Referee Lee Every scores the bout 40-37 to Twala, who goes to 3-0.

Sean Robinson vs James Goreman, 4x3 - Super Welterweight
Robinson handles Goreman well through the first round, landing at will to the face which is starting to redden up already.  

In the second, Robinson starts to up the pace of the fight.  Some nice combinations against the ropes from Robinson ends the round, unloading well as Goreman covers.  In the third, Robinson ends the round brilliantly as he finds his rhythm, bobbing from shots before landing a solid uppercut that rocks the Goreman head back as the bell goes.  

The fourth is a more subdued affair, Robinson happy to see the fight through to the end but still clearly in control.

Referee Ian John-Lewis scored the bout 40-36 to Sean Robinson.

Brandon Thomson vs Ivan Godor, 4x3 - Super Lightweight

A solid second pro performance from Thomson, he used his height advantage well with long straight shots.  Godor made life awkward throughout though, causing a bloodied nose and a cut eye to Thomson.

A comfortable win for Thomson, who will move on to tougher challenges in his career.

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-36 to the triumphant Thompson.
Ramez Mahmood vs Jamie Speight, 4x3 - Super Featherweight
Lively first round, Mahmood on the front foot and attacking the body well as Speight retreats, showing his trademark movement on the back foot.  Mahmood lands well with the left hook to the body, but is perhaps overly reliant upon it and Speight quickly learns to nullify the shot.

The second and third rounds see a similar pattern, Mahmood constantly on the front foot, ending combinations with that left hook to the body that snaps in.

In the fourth, Speight ends an exchange with a solid left hook that Mahmood takes well.  The fight finishes with Mahmood back on the front foot.

Referee Ian John-Lewis scores the bout 40-36 to Mahmood, who goes to 5-0.
Dennis Wahome vs Alec Bazza, 4x3 – Lightweight
Solid opening rounds for debutant Wahome, who showed good discipline behind the jab.  

The third round fired up more as Wahome landed a nice right overhand onto the chin of Bazza, but he took it well.  Later in the round a big right hand from Wahome lands on Bazza, who has his back to the ropes but escapes, for Wahome to chase him down and unload more punishment just before the bell goes.

Nice shot selection by Wahome through the fourth, picking uppercuts and hooks on Bazza, who is unable to find space to throw his own shots.

Referee Lee Every scores the bout 40-36 to Wahoma on his debut.

Chris Davies vs Robert Studzinski, 6x3 - Super Middleweight
Entertaining opener here as Studzinski rushes in his attacks, throwing the left and then following in.  Davies seems to struggle to start with the timing when he comes in.

Nice jab, right hand from Davies to start the second round as he starts to take control.  Through the middle rounds Davies worked well off of the jab as Studzinski came forwards relentlessly.  Although the rounds were close, Davies was having the better of the exchanges.

The final round was hugely entertaining as Studzinski seemed to realise he knew he had to throw everything he had, making an exciting finish to the fight, big hooks being exchanged centre ring and the fans raising the volume for both fighters.

Referee Lee Every scores the booth 59-55 to Davies who continues his unbeaten career.
Bobby Woods vs Anto Nakic, 4x3 - Super Lightweight
Woods with a nice opener on his debut.  Picks his shots well, the highlight of the round being a lovely counter uppercut that snaps back the head of Nakic.  

In the second and the third, Woods continues to assert himself on Nakic - well composed as he approaches, then unload his hands when in range to attack.  He looks to have a sound defensive ability, the times Nakic comes forward he covers well, or uses slick lateral movement to ensure he is out of range.
In the fourth, Woods perhaps was too eager to look for the finish as he was so clearly in control.  He rushed his work in places, but was still landing with spite to the body regularly.  

Referee Ian John-Lewis scores the bout 40-36 to Woods on an impressive debut.

Youssef Khoumari vs Joe Beedon, 4x3 – Lightweight
 Khoumari worked well off the jab through the first two rounds, figuring out the timing of the smaller Beedon.  Khoumari opens up in the third, picking more variety in his shots and starting to work the body more, while Beedon is clearly in survival mode.  

By the fourth round Khoumari has it all his own way, a nice lead right hand to the body and a number of clean uppercuts land.  

The referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-36 to Khoumari who goes to 3-0.   

Hamid Sediqi vs Maxims Dembovskis, 4x3 - Super Welterweight
Big ovation for Sediqi on his debut.  He comes out firing, rushes the ring to land a stiff jab on Dembovskis.  He is maybe too eager to work at times, closing the space to be able to do his own best work.  A lovely couple of lead right hands though from Sediqi are the highlight of the round.

In the second Sediqi is out and busy again.  Such a high work rate, Dembovskis is unable to keep him off.  A flurry of punches to the body sends Dembovskis to the canvas, seemingly exhausted at trying to defend the onslaught.  He's up, but Sediqi knows he is hurt and tired. He pounces, pinning Dembovskis to the ropes and unloading again before Dembovskis takes a knee.  He is unable to get back to his feet and the referee waves this off.

Referee Lee Cook stopped the bout 2 minutes 7 seconds into the second round to the delight of the home crowd. 
Jack Newham vs Jack Green, 4x3 – Welterweight
Solid opener from Newham, who manages to pin the awkward Green to the ropes on multiple occasions.  Nice hooks to the body start to redden the body of Green, who is happy to engage on his terms.  

In the second, Newham carries on a high work rate.  Green is looking tired through the round, but Newham carries on the assault and the pattern continues through the third.

In the final round, Green looks exhausted but manages to work his way through the round as Newham has his own way.

The referee Ian John-Lewis scores the bout 40-36 to Newham.
Mo Gharib vs Andy Harris, , 4x3 - Super Lightweight
Professional debut for Gharib, a successful amateur boxer.  His following is huge for his first outing tonight.   

Good second round for Gharib who has his timing now and is catching Harris with each phase of attack.  Harris is looking to hold when Gharib lets his hands go, Gharib needs to find the space to be able to free his shots up.

Highlight of the third sees Gharib skip back from a Harris attack and thrown the uppercut, left hook.  Harris again holds to avoid further danger.   A nice counter left hook by Harris ends the round which Gharib takes well.

An exciting fourth round, Gharib starts to showboat in the ring, rolling his shoulders around.  A cut opens over the left eye of Harris and Gharib starts to look for an ending to the delight of his fans.  Flurries of shots are absorbed by Harris though as the fight comes to a conclusion.

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-37 to the winner, Mo Gharib.

Ollie Pattison vs Georgi Valevski, 6x3 - Light Heavyweight
Pattison has complete control of the opening rounds, keeping the shorter Valevski at the end of his rangy jab.  When Valevski does manage to work his way in, Pattison works well on the inside.  The big right hand that Pattison is looking for is failing to find a home, Valevski reading it and evading.  

Pattison displays a good technical skillset throughout the fight, good footwork keeping him out  of range when Valevski does come forward.  In the final round Pattison tried to up the work rate but was unable to find a stoppage.
Referee Ian John-Lewis scores the bout 60-55.   

Ellis Zorro vs Jindrich Velecky, 4x3 – Cruiserweight
Zorro comes out to a huge ovation - he starts the fight well, attacking the body with success, then following with uppercuts that bloody the nose of Velecky.  A big hook to the body takes the wind right out of Velecky, who visibly winces. 

Zorro controlled the fight well off the jab, displaying nice footwork around the ring and causing significant damage to the left eye of Velecky.  He showed good discipline not to be tempted to engage in the fire fight that Velecky was looking for.

Referee Lee cook scored the bout 40-36 to Zorro.
Charlie Rice vs Daniel Bazo, 4x3 – Welterweight
Tentative start from both fighters, Rice taking the front foot while Bazo looks for a counter left hook.  In the second, Rice is stalking his opponent, he finds some success with the left hook to the body as he looks to make this into a fire fight.  Bazo throws back, big hooks to the head, but Rice is able to cover nicely and continue his attacking style.

Nice overhand right from Rice in the third, followed by a solid left uppercut that connects well.  Bazo takes it then fires back but Rice covers well.  A solid left hook to the body brings Bazo's hands down, which Rice takes advantage of and aims a hook to the head.  A solid over hand right soon follows as Bazo seems to dip at the knees slightly but sees the round through.

The fourth passes without much action as the two start to nullify one another.

Referee Ian John-Lewis scores the bout 40-37 to the returning Charlie Rice in his first outing in 3 years.
Sam Gilley vs Jan Balog, 4x3 - Super Welterweight
The highlight of the first round was a straight right from Gilley that landed flush, knocking Balog off balance.  He was unable to follow up, but showed he could cause damage.  In the second round, a nice double left hook to the body by Balog works well, followed shortly after by a sharp uppercut.  A big overhand right from Gilley makes Balog dip at the knees but Gilley can't find the follow up punch. 
Gilley boxes well through the rounds, handling the smaller Balog with ease and occasionally causing Balog to backup.  A thoroughly polished performance from Gilley to continue his unbeaten career.

Referee Lee Evelry scores the bout 40-37 to Sam Gilley.

Tunji Ogunniya vs Jan Korec, 6x3 – Welterweight
Ogunniya with a steady opening couple of rounds - the southpaw Korec looking to rush his attacks but finds Ogunniya shows clever footwork to spin his way out of trouble.  Ogunniya though is struggling to break the tight defence that Korec keeps up.

Ogunniya keeps a good pace through the third, landing a flush left, right hook combination landing cleanly.  In the fourth, Ogunniya lands that same left hook and it drops Korec, who gets up to beat the count.  Ogunniya continues the onslaught though, landing heavy shots. 

In the fifth Korec comes back firing, landing a nice couple of right hands, but it is just a blip.  Ogunniya quickly reasserts himself, placing those heavy hands of his at will on Korec who is proving if nothing else, he is a tough, tough man.

In the final round the two give the fans an absolute barn stormer.  They stand and trade against every side of the ring.  How Korec is still stood at the end of the fight is a mystery, as he takes clean left and right hands to the chin, eating uppercuts and being beaten to the punch each time.  A very thorough performance from the unbeaten Ogunniya.

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 60-54 to the clear winner Ogunniya.

Kay Prospere vs Kristian Patko, 6x3 - Super Lightweight
The big hitting opponent here, all his wins coming in round 1 knock outs, is billed as a threat to Prospere.  However it doesn't take long to put the myth to bed - Prospere lands a solid right hand that sends Patko tumbling to the canvas in round one.  He's up, but takes a big left hook to the body soon after and that's it!  Patko can't beat the count and it's all over in round one for Prospere.
Referee Lee Evelry stops the bout after 1:37 of round number one for the winner, Kay Prospere.