Strike Force

The second Goodwin Boxing show in as many weeks sees a headline fight of huge intrigue.  Young prospect Brad Pauls in a big step up fight against hardened campaigner Diego Burton.  A large undercard packed with prospects on display as well as boxers building towards titles makes it a promising show.

Bout 1
Haisam Ali vs Maksims Demovskis, 4x3 – Welterweight
A debut for Ali against Latvian Demovskis.  A good start to his pro career by Ali, who punches with intent from the opening bell.  When Demovskis is against the ropes Ali lands big straight rights and a solid left hook to the head before walking off with his hands low.  The nose of Demovskis has opened up by the end of the round.

A more composed start by Ali in round two, but the referee stops events when Demovskis suffers a low blow.  When he's up though Ali seem refreshed and again puts the pressure on the ropes, a big right to the body drops Demovskis.  He beats the count, but there is little point as Ali is again on top of him, this time drops to the canvas and the referee waves it off.

Referee Kieran McCann calls an end to the fight at 2:57 of the second round to the winner and now 1-0, Hasim Ali.
Bout 2
Emran Hussain vs Antonio Horvatic, 4x3 – Featherweight
A win and a draw so far in the career of Hussain, who takes on tough Croatian journeyman Horvatic, stopped only 11 times in 56 fights.  The first round passes without incident, Hussain works behind the jab but without any great success.  The highlight of the second is a body uppercut that Hussain throws, which he triples up.

The third again sees little action, although Hussain controls activities.   In the fourth, Hussain starts to utilise the lead uppercut when the two are in close.  Although the the Horvatic head was rocked on occasion, there was little risk of putting a stoppage here.

The referee Kieran McCann scored the bout 40-36 to the winner Emran Hussain. 
Bout 3
Dennis Wahome vs Jamie Speight, 4x3 – Lightweight
In only his second fight, Wahome is taking on seasoned campaigner Speight, fresh off a fight just last weekend.  Wahome has such long arms, looking to walk Speight onto the big right hand.  Speight is too canny for that though, constantly on the move around the outside of the ring.  Speight ties up when the two come together, looking to close distance when the Wahome threat comes in.

A counter left hook and right uppercut from Speight light up the second round, Wahome backed up to the ropes.  Wahome lands a nice lead right hand to the chin of Speight, Speight takes it well and again ties up.  A good right uppercut lands from Wahome to end the round.

Wahome working the hooks to the body well in the third as he backs Speight to the ropes, but Speight is happy to take them.  He could do with disrupting the rhythm of Wahome to stop the onslaught.  A looping left hook from Wahome misses by a country mile as the bell goes on the third round.

By the fourth you want to see Wahome start to use that long reach and leverage to land his shots.  Instead he closes the distance and Speight finds success as Wahome walks onto a right hand that he takes well.  The two stand and trade to end the final round.
The referee Lee Cook scores the bout 39-37 to the winner Dennis Wahome, who goes to 2-0.

Bout 4
Kyle Sladden vs Rikke Askew, 4x3 - Light heavyweight. 
Debut for Sladden, who takes on askew who despite a losing record, is fresh off a victory in his last fight.  Nice reception for Sladden, who struggles in the first round to adapt to the style of Askew.  Askew walks him onto a couple of overhand rights, Sladden tries to establish a jab but the Askew guard is tight and high.  

In the second, again a competitive round as Askew has the better of the close exchanges while Sladden controls better from the outside.

The third is a quiet affair, neither willing to carry on the pace of the earlier rounds.  In the fourth, a nice lead right hand by Askew connects to the chin but he can't follow it up.  Sladden wants to take the fight back to the outside again, Askew lands a solid right hand again, then follows Sladden across the ring, landing three jabs that send Sladden's head flying back and e is trapped in the corner.  Sladden is  a bloody mess, as he retreats for the remainder of the round looking exhausted.  Askew can't quite replicate the success of earlier in the round.  
The referee Chaz Cokeley scores the bout 39-37 to Rikke Askew in a hard fought and deserved victory.

Bout 5
Liam Dillon vs Kristian Laight,  4x3 – Lightweight
4-0 Liam Dillon takes on ‘Mr Reliable Kris Laight in what is incredibly the 287thbout of the tough journeyman’s career.  Dillon dominates the opening two rounds, Laight playing his role well and keeping him thinking, Dillon working the hooks to the body.  

In the third Dillon uses the jab more, Laight taking the shots well and never in trouble, throwing a rare left hook by return.  The highlight of the fourth sees Dillon put together a nice combination with the left hook backed up by the right uppercut, but Laight sees the round through.

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-36 to Dillon, who moves to 5-0.
Bout 6
Ryan Walker vs Edward Bjorkland,  6x3 - Super bantamweight

Walker is looking to make it six wins in a row at the start of his career against Bjorkland, who has failed to pick up a win since his debut.  A delayed start as Bjorkland forgets to put his groin protector on, but it doesn't dull the enthusiasm of the Walker fans who raise the roof of York Hall.  Walker strolls across the ring at the opening bell to lands a solid lead right to the head of Bjorkland who fires back immediately.  Bjorkland slows the pace down by going for a walk around the ring, switching in and out of southpaw.  

Through the second and third rounds, Bjorkland is setting into a more defensive stride, seemingly unbothered by the power of Walker.  Walker though is the one bringing the aggression to the fight, a swinging uppercut missing in the third but he is still showing more of the intent.  

In the fourth it was a quiet affair until the end of the round where the two stood in range and traded, Walker getting the best of it and roughing up on the inside.  In the fifth the workrate of Bjorkland takes over, moving Walker around the ring.  A nice right hand on the ropes lands on Walker, but Bjorkland lacks the power to cause real damage.

Walker lights up the final round, walking Bjorkland onto a lovely overhand right.  The two exchange show boating centre ring, before Walker plants his feet to start landing body hooks as the fight comes to an end.
The referee Chaz Cokeley scores the bout 58-56 to Walker in a competitive fight he will have taken a lot from.
Bout 7
Charlie Quinn vs Jindrich Velecky,  4x3 – Cruiserweight
‘The Fighting Fireman’ Charlie Quinn scored the first KO of his career in his last fight to move to 3-0 and tonight faces a man who knows his way around York Hall well, the Czech Republic’s Velecky.  A crazy entrance for Quinn as the York Hall crowd go mad for his mashup of songs.  
A controlled first round from Quinn, the best shot being a right hand that breaks the guard of Velecky without causing great distress.  In the second Quiinn starts to utilise the jab more, happy to let his hands down and control from centre ring.  Some nice hooks to the body start to cause a marking on Velecky.   
The third passes without much much action, but in the fourth Quinn starts to put his combinations together better to head and body to the delight of his fans.  Although he doesn't look close to getting him out, he has controlled the fight from start to finish.
Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-36 to Quinn.

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Bout 8
Tom Ansell vs Radoslav Mitev, 4x3 – Welterweight
Always in entertaining fights so far in his career, the 25 year old Ansell is looking to make it three wins from three against Bulgarian Mitev. The first round passes without too much action as the two get to grips with one another, but Ansell seems the stronger of the two.  In the second Ansell starts quickly by backing Mitev to the corner and unloading, but Mitev escapes.  Ansell follows and senses he has him hurt, landing a nicer flurry with a powerful right hook on the the end that sees Mitev hit the canvas.  He's up at seven, but Ansell doesn't relent.  He's straight back on him and although Mitev is able to escape, it doesn't take Ansell long to track him down again and once again drops him to the canvas. Mitev again gets up but you sense it is a case of prolonging the ending.

In the third Ansell goes on the prowl, backing Mitev around the ring.  He's struggling to get the same success as the second round though as Mitev looks to go into full defensive mode. In the final round Mitev gets some fleeting success with a lead left uppercut, but it doesn't take Ansell long to get back into the ascendancy as he pushes Mitev around the ring.  A nice flurry in the corner from Ansell and it's clear that Mitev is intent on surviving now.  

Referee Mark bates scores the bout 40-34 to the impressive Ansell.

Bout 9
Louis Isaacs vs Anto Natic,  4x3 – Lightweight
Islington’s Louis Isaacs makes his debut against Croatian Natic, wh has been stopped in 3 of his last 4 fights.  Isaacs opens his pro career with a classy first round, dropping Natic with a solid shot.  The second is less eventful, but Isaacs controls well. 
The third is a calmer affair, but in the fourth Isaacs again reignites the fight, causing a age to head and body of Natic.  A clean lead right  is the standout shot, Natic happy to stand and throw with him to the crowd's delight.  
An entertaining debut for the lad from Islington, who can be happy with that performance.  Referee Kieran McCann scores the bout 39-36 to Isaacs.

Bout 10
Bradley Smith vs Ivan Godor,  4x3 – Welterweight
Still only 20 years old, exciting prospect Smith went to 7-0 (3 KOs) back in July of last year before taking a break from the ring for personal issues.  Tonight he is back and ready to pick up against the Slovakian Godor, a man who has only been halted 9 times in 78 fights.
Smith struggles to find his range to start, lunging with lead right hands early on.  He settles down, allowing himself to utilise a solid jab and by the end of the first is into his rhythm more.  Again in the second he lunges with the right hand, Godor looking to rush into the space between the two of them and make life difficult for Smith.  Smith shows good composure though, able to separate himself and move out to the range he is comfortable at.  

Through the third, Smith again handled Godor well, backing him to the ropes and picking his shots.  Smith looks frustrated as the fourth round progresses with the way Godor spoils the work inside.  It seems to make him moe through the gears and up the aggression - pushing straight through any defence from Godor and looking to unload.
The referee Mark Bates scored the bout 40-36 to Smith on his ring return.

Bout 11
Southern Area eliminator: Brad Pauls vs Diego Burton, 10x3 – Middleweight
‘The Newquay Bomb’ Brad Pauls (8-0, 5 KOs) gets his first real step up fight against a real threat in Diego Burton (5-5-1) who despite some relative inactivity in the ring is by far the ore experienced of the two, having gone the 10 round distance with former English champion Joe Mullender and losing a contentious points decision, as well as sharing a ring with current English champion Elliot Matthews.  The winner of this fight is in a good place to fight for the Southern Area title.
Pauls has the upper hand in the first, he carries threat in his big left hooks and straight rights.  Burton has the better of the jabs tiring the round, although Pauls is reading it well.  In the second, Pauls starts to use the jab more, then pins Burton to the ropes and unloads a strong combination to head and body.  Burton absorbs the shots, looking like is gameplan may be to try and take his less experienced opponent late in this fight.

Pauls lands a lovely lead right in the third to back Burton  to the ropes.  Through the fourth, Pauls seems to be loading up heavily on shots, Burton doing well to evade the incoming bombs.  In the fifth, the Pauls jab is becoming more of a weapon, keeping Burton at range.  When Burton does look to come into space, Pauls has the big right hand to deter him as well as a potent left uppercut that has found a home multiple times.

A great exchange in the seventh round, the two stood centre ring and threw punches from all angles.  Pauls you feel had the more impact when landing, Burton having the higher volume.  Neither lad would take a backwards step as it looked like Pauls may be feeling the pace more.  The two exchange again in the eighth, but it is typically the jabs that Pauls lands on the way out that are the memorable shots.  A flush right uppercut from Pauls lands on the chin of Burton but he barely moves.  
The Burton corner are urging their man to give his all into the last two rounds, sensing their man may need a stoppage here to claim the win.
In the ninth, Pauls senses that he has the upper hand and traps Burton to the corner.  Heavy shots, lefts and rights rain in on Burton as he covers well.  But the referee 
The referee Kieran McCann stops the bout 1:56 into round 9 for the winner Brad Pauls.

Bout 12
Dana Zaxo vs Georgi Valevski,  4x3 - Light heavyweight
‘The Savage’ Saxo took only 44 seconds to finish his debut opponent.  Tonight takes on Valevski, who has been stopped in 5 of his last 6 bouts.  Saxon has some following at York Hall!

The first two rounds see Zaxo look to load up on big shots, perhaps spurred on from that debut performance.  He struggles to find consistency in his shots, missing with wide swings as often as he hits.  In the second though Valevski shows some of the vulnerabilities, catching Zaxo on the ropes with a flush left, right, left combination to the head.  

In the third though he starts to really find his range and it's a clubbing right hook that sends Valevski to the canvas.  He gets up to his feet but it doesn't last long, Zaxo knowing his prey is hurt and gets stuck straight in.

The referee Mark Bates stops the fight at 1 minute 26 of the third round.

Bout 13
Sam Cox vs Stefan Sashov,  4x3 – Bantamweight
1-0 Cox from Islington looks to continue the promising start to his career against Sashov from Bulgaria.
Cox handled the stocky southpaw well, putting his shots together well throughout.  A good learning fight for the young lad to move 2-0.
The referee Chaz Cokeley scored the bout 40-35 to the winner Sam Cox
Bout 14
Joe McCory vs Innocent Anyanwu,  6x3 - Super lightweight
5 wins and a draw so far for Peckham’s McCory and he has a tough job on his hands against Anyawu (25-28-3) fighting out of Holland.
McCory makes use of his significant height advantage throughout a cagey first round, jabbing Anyawu as he comes into range.  It's a scrappy affair

Anyawu way starts to assert himself more as the rounds progress, shutting the space own effectively to assert himself more.   He made life difficult for the classier McCory, who was still able to show the better work, even if the workrate was higher from Anyawu.
Referee mark Bates scored the bout 59-57 in favour of Joe McCory.
There were two further bouts, Dalton Miller vs Gabor Balogh and Ossie Jevier vs Kristof Demendi but unfortunately I had to leave before these.