Swords Crossed

Swords crossed, duel issued. This image, it doubles as both perfect choreography and symmetry in one. It has acted to spark the interest and opened the flood gates. Others who share the same sporting realms have seen the potential to follow suit, blur the lines of combat sport on a mainstream level not witnessed before. 

Is it healthy? Many sign up for boxing with the integrity and sporting achievements at heart, but all sign up to fill their bank balance in time. For some it is a forlorn dream, for other it culminates in the Las Vegas desert in front of the eyes of the sporting crowd. Not just boxing fans and UFC enthusiasts, but those from the broader platform of sporting interest. 

It is healthy for the individuals involved and their multitude of hangers on, the TV Execs, the businessmen masquerading as sporting folk. But it needs to pay its debt back to the sport. It is borrowing, it is needy and wasteful. It is taking from the real world, stealing light from your Terence Crawfords, your GGGs and Canelos. 

The least the sport can ask for in  return is that it pays its rent. No fucking about, no choreography, no symbiotic relationship. Everyone is getting paid here, but the sport needs to gather it's rent. For that is exactly what this is, a rental agreement. Floyd, Conor; you are borrowing the spotlight at a cost. That cost is the integrity of boxing, for no man should believe that a debutant is capable of winning this fight. 

Ignore the rhetoric and the stories and handle the facts. The records, or lack thereof, in the boxing ring paint a final picture. One more poignant than the two men exchanging knowing glances in front of the baying crowds. One more honest and forthright than anything that comes out of with an Irish twang. 

The sport needs to be paid on August 26th. Anything other than a Mayweather decisive victory is a black mark on boxing. Anything other than an easy win, at a canter with no bruises nor marks will be an embarrassment. That is to offer no disrespect to McGregor; were this fight to be offered inside of an octagon, I would fully expect the roles to be reversed. 

Questions will be asked if Mayweather does not make it 50-0. Questions should be asked if it is not one of the easiest victories on his illustrious record. He may be older, slower, more brittle and rusty, but he is no debutant. He has handled debutantes, taken them out in seconds. The facts tell us that. 

All that is asked is that the sport is respected. If you must take the spotlight, please hand it back unbroken. Nobody is expecting an improvement, nor the bulb to shine brighter. The sport has suffered an incongruous relationship with integrity in the past and, despite sometimes the efforts of those trusted with making it at least appear a more truthful business, it has seemed to be rebuilding the faith of the fandom. 

Swords crossed, duel issued. Only one outcome will repay the debt.