Peter Imeson

Peter Imeson has taken a route that very few choose into professional boxing.  Some go through the amateur system, learning their trade and refining the skills.  Some eschew that path and head for the unlicensed scene, seen as more stylistically similar to the professional sport.  There are a small number who do both.  But for 22 year old Imeson, a brief career interlude lead him back to his roots.

“I did amateur, then went to the unlicensed scene and then went back to amateur” he tells me.  “The standard in unlicensed wasn’t as high as the amateurs and I wanted to make sure I improved before I turned pro.”

The last amateur outing was in April 2017 for the North East lad, who now is looking forward to the latest challenge in boxing; turning professional. 
“The team are hoping my debut will be end of March but nothing set in stone yet” says the softly spoken Imeson.  “We’re hoping to get a local show at the Walker Dome in Newcastle to try and get a local crowd down, and then we’re eyeing up June in Manchester.  We want to get a local one first though, get a following building.”

It would be convenient for him to debut locally, as he tells me that he has a “canny following” from his gym and his old unlicensed days that he hopes he can rely upon to support him through his early professional bouts.  So does he see the tricks that he learned on the unlicensed scene as being key to his transition as a pro?

“Yeah, I think it’ll help.  The fights were different; the referees don’t break as much up, they let you work on the inside a lot more, it’ a bit more like a professional style.  But the amateurs is just another level, it’s a different standard.”
Having entered a boxing gym in his teens after spending time in the local dojo learning judo, Imeson had a total of 17 amateur fights out of his training gym in Northshields.  Aligned to his six unlicensed contests, the mixture of styles through his boxing education could prove beneficial as he plots his assault on the lightweight division.

“In the first year we want to get three or four fights in, then start working toward the Area title route” says Imeson as we discuss his aspirations for the first 12 months.  It is a busy weight division domestically, but he is confident that he has the skillset to adapt within it.  “My style depends on the fight I’m in.  If you fight a boxer or box a fighter, you have to be able to adapt to both.  I like to come forward, work inside and up close.  I can work off the jab if it suits though.”

As the preparations are finalised for his professional bow, training is taking place out of a gym that has opened in the near vicinity to Imeson.  “It’s called Wallsend Boxing Academy and it’s just opened on the high street down the road.  I told them I didn’t want the unlicensed or the amateurs any more, and they’re aiming to start building a professional stable, so it all came together.  It’s open all the time, it’s brand new, it’s ideal.”

The locality will be of assistance to the talented lightweight, who balances training regimes alongside an apprenticeship as a Maintenance Engineer.  He acknowledges the difficulties in doing so, but it also thankful for the timetable it allows him to keep.

“I work long hours, 12 hour shifts, but I only work three or four days a week.  Some weeks I’ll have four days off and I can fit in three training sessions per day.  When I’m working though it’ll just be lighter sessions, runs in the mornings or evenings.”

For now, details of his debut await.  But with a busy 2018 planned for the likeable North East lad there is no rush to see him make that first ring walk.  With a new gym to settle into and learning the nuances of the professional sport, Imeson will be hoping that the varied experiences he has already been through in boxing will give him a solid foundation to grow from.

Peter wanted to thank his sponsors, Owen’s Jewellers in Newcastle, for helping support his professional journey.