5 Thing To Make 2018 Better Than 2017

Author:  Angelo Fierro, Cheap Seats Boxing (Twitter: @Cheapseatsbox)

Now that 2017 is in the rear view mirror and a great year of boxing is in the books we can only hope that 2018 can come close to entertaining us fans the same way. Well, there are a few ways this can happen and here are five ways I believe this will happen....

1. Canelo Alvarez wins the second fight versus Gennady Golovkin, if this happens not only is the mystique of Golovkin gone but the accession of Alvarez as the biggest name in boxing taking that title from Floyd Mayweather will be complete. An Alvarez win will also set fire to boxing Twitter as the debate of who actually won this fight (as I believe it will be close) and the first fight which leads people to listen to more podcasts and call into the live shows which will spark a huge outcry for the “rubber match” in September which would be the biggest of the trilogy a far as money made and tickets sold, think 90,000 fans in Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas. 

2. Anthony Joshua does everything he can to not fight Deontay Wilder in 2018. Trust me as much as us fans will say that delaying fights is bad for the sport all it really does is make fans choose sides, dig their heels in the sand, and go to great lengths to defend their favorite fighter, and as much as we all complained about the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight taking way too long to happen all it did was break every record for money made and pay per views sold. Also, controversy is one of best ways to keep us as fans interested, we are easy like that. 

3. The World Boxing Super Series scraps the plans for forgotten weight divisions and goes with junior middleweight and light heavyweight for the follow up to cruiserweight and super middleweight. Not only do these weight classes have deep talent but they have more than handful of fighters with big power, imagine names like Charlo, Lara, Hurd, and Sadam Ali, fresh off his upset of Miguel Cotto. That is a strong top four and that did not even include names like Liam Smith and Kell Brook and what about the possibilities at 175 with Kovalev, Stevenson (even though he would never risk taking a tough fight), Bivol, Beterbiev, Gvozdyk, Barrera, Jack, and whoever you would want to throw in the eighth spot. Say what you will but 175 is the deepest division in boxing today and the WBSS would be the perfect platform to shine the light on it that it deserves. 
4. Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford set up an undisputed showdown for 2019. Yeah that’s right these two welterweights grab the belts (3 for Spence and 1 for Crawford) by taking out Jeff Horn, not very difficult, and Spence getting that unification with Keith Thurman by the end of 2018. The prospects of having an undisputed at one of the three glamour divisions is something boxing fans are always yearningfor, the main reason fans get behind fighters like GGG, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder so fervently, and would catapult the eventual winner to superstardom. With the “exits” of Mayweather and Pacquiao  the welterweight division needs that next star and I don’t believe Keith Thurman and his lack of activity can carry that torch, but either one of these guys can. 

5. Boxing fans demand the best out of fighters. Sounds easy enough right? Yet, we never truly use our biggest power, our money and our viewing time. When guys like Joshua talk of undisputed champion and we get anything but a true challenger as much as it sucks we can’t watch these fights live or even worse buy a ticket to these farcical match ups. This is 2018 there are plenty of ways to make sure promoters and fighters don’t get rewarded for taking us for granted, there are streams, YouTube the day after or an hour after the fight for that matter, Twitter, Periscope, what I’m saying is there are ways to see these fights without paying for them or getting the viewership numbers up. Now, the exact opposite is true too, when we as fans get the marquee match ups and huge events we have to not got to those platforms and spend the money and make sure we watch live so the encouragement of the fighters and promoters is to give us more of what we like and frankly deserve.

Quick story, in 2003 I bought tickets to see one of my favorite fighter “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather fresh off his rematch of Jose Luis Castillo, and yeah maybe the opponent wasn’t desirable (Victoriano Sosa), but he was coming off two tough fights the first in which I believed he lost so who was I to complain as he was coming close to my hometown. Well unlucky for me this was his first fight as “Money” Mayweather and the fight was unwatchable and the next few fights were ok but I saw a pattern unfold and a change in his fighting that I didn’t like as much and more and more of his fights became monotonous and boring. I learned my lesson I will now not pay for another Floyd Mayweather fight and never buy a PPV, and I never wavered not even for the Paquiao fight as hard as that was for me, the point is we have a choice and if we use our power wisely we can get more of what we want as fans and not just accept what we are given all too often. 

Now I know some of these things are a pipe dream but if all these things happen trust 2018 will be a historic year in the sport of Boxing.