Louie Darlin

Mention the term 'Unlicensed boxing match' and the mind casts off to Brad Pitt and Edward Norton scrapping it out in a basement.  For Louie Darlin though, his boxing career has stemmed from an unsanctioned scene that very few would imagine.
Louie tells us: "I had a few unlicensed fights, I don't know how I did it but I ended up getting the opportunity of fighting for a WBU World Title shot"
WBU are a Semi-Pro organisation working in conjunction with Kent Boxing Organisation.  Their website states they are "where future champions and professionals are born".  But Louie outgrew the Semi-Pro battlegrounds, leaving the WBU having won all 35 of his bouts in the heavyweight division, with an impressive 30 knock outs .  The setup is similar to the pro game - 10oz gloves and no head guards.  But instead of being in a basement, Louie gained exposure on world title undercards in front of 15,000 people.
Once he decided to make the switch to professional boxing full time, he hooked up with Steve Goodwin of Goodwin Promotions.  A friendship on Facebook lead to a contract being signed, and a professional debut at the age of 25.
His first fight took place at York Hall, not the 15,000 he had become accustomed to but instead the spiritual home of English boxing.  Following the well trodden path of taking on an older journeyman in his first fight, Louie beat Moses Matovu (5-56-4) on his debut.  No longer fighting amongst the modern day giants at heavyweight, Louie has recognised his six foot two frame would be better suited to the Cruiserweight division.  The fight went the distance, with Louie taking it 40-37 on points, so what happened to the power from his semi-pro days?
Louie Darlin
"I hadn't actually made it back to my corner in 2 years" Louie tells me.  "He's a tricky opponent, I needed to learn.  I wanted to get a bit of experience out of it.  Watching the video back with John (Cole, his trainer at BodyShots gym) there were times when I could have stopped him when I caught him.  But it was more to get my feet on the ground and I thought I did a good job on him."
Paul Morris is coming up for Louie in July.  A boxer with 33 fights who has only been stopped 5 times in his career, Louie is looking to continue his progress and carry the power down from heavyweight.  "If I catch him....which I'm going to, I won't take a backwards step and I'll take the stoppage if it's there"
Louie wants to be back out at the York Hall on a show in September.  At 25 he's not in a rush with his career.  "If the Southern Area comes up and I'm mandatory I'll take it, but I'm not rushing into it.  Not to be disrespectful but the cruisers in Britain are getting older, there's an opening"
It promises to be an interesting journey for the man who has already achieved a lot at 25 and has fought in front of more fans than many of his peers in the pro game.   With ambition but humility paired with his considerable experience at a young age, this cruiserweight could be one to watch.
Louie will be out on July 4th at York Hall as part of the Goodwin Promotions show.