London's Calling
London's Calling is brought to York Hall by Promoter Amey Sinfield on behalf of Goodwin Boxing.  A show for the upcoming talents to make headlines, while boss man Steve Goodwin is off with Frank Buglioni in Monaco the upcoming prospects get a card to themselves with a tough step up fight for Sam Gilley headlining, where he takes on former Southern Area champion Ryan Toms who himself is looking to take another scalp in his career.  
Aaron Sinclair vs Stefan Salvchev, 4x3 – Featherweight
1-0 Sinclair takes on a Bulgarian with 13 KO victories on his ledger, so needs to make sure he's switched on and ready from the off.  

Slow opener, Sinclair wary of putting his shots together but uses his jab well.  In the second he opens with a lovely timed left hook that shakes Salvchev on the ropes, but can't follow up to capitalise.  In the third a solid right hand to the body of Salvchev who returns fire with a right hand of his own but as it looks to ignite, Salvchev retreats across the ring. 

Final round, Sinclair is easily in control but can't land the big right hand that he is looking for, Salvchev proving a difficult target but never offers enough in return.

Referee Mark Bates scores the bout 40-37 to Sinclair who moves to 2-0.

Kieran Leinster vs Lewis Van Poetsch, 4x3 – Middleweight
A debut for Leinster against the greatest moustache in York Hall and it's owner, Van Poetsch.  Lewis may not pick up many wins on the road, but he's also not a man who gets stopped, so Leinster needs to plan for the distance here.

Busy first round by Leinster, trying to find some angles to break up the tight guard of Van Poetsch.  Van Poetsch keeps him honest though, landing well with the lead uppercut on a number of occasions.  

Through the middle rounds Leinster again is the busier of the two, but Van Poetsch is teaching Leinster a few tricks in there, tying the debutant up when he can and making him work on the inside, staying busy.  In the final round Leinster works the jab well, but every time he starts to build combinations he is met by the wall of Van Poetsch's guard which he can't unlock.

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-36 to the debutant Leinster in a good learning fight to start his career.

Dennis Wahome vs Andy Harris, 4x3 – Lightweight
Wahome goes into this with a 3-0 record and although Harris hasn't picked up a win in five years, he also has only been halted once in 12 months.  Wahome has yet to get a stoppage on his CV and will have to go some tonight to pick up his first.

A solid performance by Wahome.  In the very first round he has Harris in trouble with a strong left hook that shakes the legs of Harris who immediately covers and tries to retreat.  

Wahome stays on the front foot, looking to take Harris out with fast flurries that leave Harris having to defend throughout the fight.  Strong uppercuts from Wahome, who doesn't give Harris a moments peace through the fight.

Referee Mark Bates scored the bout 40-36 to Wahome.

Ramez Mahmood vs Laszlo Szoke, 6x3 – Featherweight
The coolest moniker in boxing, 'The Mathemagician' Mahmood is looking to make it 8 wins from 8 tonight.  Szoke is an unknown quantity, having won his first and only bout by stoppage overseas.

Good first round for Mahmood, a stiff jab distracting Szoke enough to open gaps around the body, which he takes full advantage of with some hard left hooks to the body.  Szoke is keeping on the outside, circling one way throughout.

In the second it's all Mahmood, who is teeing off at will.  The footwear of Szoke is causing issues, as he keeps losing his footing on multiple occasions, as well as having to have a glove pulled back on.

The third is no different, Szoke showing heart but not much else as Mahmood times his attacks beautifully, showing a willingness to take the small step back and wait for the opening.  In the fourth a knock down by Mahmood in the neutral corner, a flurry of shots causing Szoke to tumble back.  Mahmood is patient when Szoke is up, looking to break his opponent down through the rest of the round.  

In the fourth Mahmood lands a solid right hook to the body to open the round, a variation on his previous attacks.  Another nice step back from Mahmood leads to a counter jab and big right to the body.  Szoke is becoming more and more wary of throwing with the counters coming back.  The last rounds passes without any change.  Mahmood has it all his own way, but the danger seems to be gone for Szoke who is able to show a bit more ambition late on.  

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 60-54 to Mahmood in a solid display.

Tony Bange vs Dale Arrowsmith, 4x3 – Welterweight
Coming off a controversial points win over Kevin McCauley back in September, Bange will be looking for a more decisive win tonight at take himself to 6-0.  The Berkshire fighter is taking on Dale Arrowsmith, another teak tought away corner fighter.  A decent bit of live music to accompany Bange to the ring, nice touch. 

Bange handles Arrowsmith with ease through the first, the taller Arrowsmith happy to work his way around the ring.  Bange in the second starts to vary the attacks, going down to the body more, but Arrowsmith smiles away as the shots come in.

Referee Mark Bates scored the bout 40-36 to the winner Tony Bange.

Vaslie Nedelcu vs Lee Williams, 4x3 - Super Lightweight
Born in Romania and now fighting out of Stonebridge, Nedelcu is making his debut tonight against Williams, who has lost the first two bouts of his career.

Williams shows off some lovely skills in the first round, nice footwork taking himself around the ring and showing off with hands down, seemingly perplexing Nedelcu.  He carries on in the second but Nedelcu has more successes.  In the third Williams start to do some shoulder rotating, a few more smart moves but Nedelscu is all business, not getting involved in the showmanship.  Nice hooks to the body by Williams, but Nedelscu keeps coming forward and putting the pressure on.

Referee Lee Cook scored the bout 39-38 in favour of Nedelcu in a highly enjoyable fight.

Lewis Syrett vs Zygimantas Butkevicius, 4x3 – Middleweight
Syrett has made a promising start to his career, 4-0 with 2 stoppages.  The 30 year old from Tonbridge takes on Lithuanian Butkevicius tonight.

Syrett controls the opening rounds, staying busy and making Butkevicius circle the ring.  The defence is good though and it is hard for Syrett to make clear openings.

A cut opens above the right eye of Syrett in the thirds which looks like a head clash.  It seems to distract him, as Butkevicius gets a lovely right hand of his own in.  In the last round Butkevicius shows some great movement, spinning around Syrett as he attacks.  Syrett though gives the impression of being in control of the tempo of the fight throughout, despite struggling for periods of the fight.

Referee Mark Bates scores the bout 39-38 to Syrett in a closely fought contest.

William Webber vs Tzvetozar Iliev, 4x3 - Super Middleweight
Always fun to watch and guaranteed to bring both a lively fight and crowd, Webber (3-1) takes on Bulgarian Iliev, a man who has given tests to many fighters over the years.

Lovely first two rounds for Webber who shows a maturity beyond his years.  Not what we have seen before from him, looking to make a fire fight, but instead keeping that southpaw jab busy and Iliev has to think about what is coming, before laying the backhand into the body on multiple occasions.  Webber keeps the lead hand busy as Iliev is pinned in the corner, the second round ends with the two trading and Iliev losing his gum shield.

Webber goes back to his boxing in the third, but in the fourth really puts his foot down from the start.  Lovely right hand hook to the body to start the round, before going back up top and unloading to the head and again Iliev loses the gumshield.  Webber has it all his own way, lovely timing of shots and able to manoeuvre Iliev around the ring, as well as being happy to box off the ropes when he gets the chance.  

Referee Lee Cook scores the bout 40-36 in a very impressive display from Webber.
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Callum Myles vs Ricky Rose, 4x3 – Welterweight
Having pulled off a fourth round stoppage on his debut, Myles from Battersea gets a British foe tonight in the shape of Ricky Rose, a man with the skillset to typically take prospects the distance.

Myles has a solid opening couple of rounds, keeping tight out of his southpaw stance but jabbing well against the taller man.  The times he puts combinations together Rose is quick to slip out of range and Make Myles work for his success.  

Myles keeps coming forwards, looking to land but not having Rose in any real threat.  The pattern continues through the fight, as Rose is happy to make Myles work for his successes   

Referee Mark Bates scores the booth 40-37 to Myles.

JB Khalid vs Victor Edagha,4x3 - Super Welterweight
Khalid makes his debut tonight against London's Edagha.  Although he has 45 losses on his record he has only been stopped twice, so it's important that Khalid takes his time and doesn't let the occasion get to him tonight.

Khalid comes out quickly and fiercely, throwing big shots from the off.  Edagha is happy to take the shots and come back, allowing Khalid his successes.  But then out of nowhere he catches Khalid coming in with a big shot that sends Khalid to the canvas.  He beats the count, but the towel comes in and the referee has seen enough and waves the fight off.

Referee Lee Cook stopped the booth at one minute twenty six seconds of round one. 

Sam Gilley vs Ryan Toms, 6x3 - Super Welterweight
At 6-0 in his career, the highly touted Gilley is taking a leap of faith in his career tonight against Toms (16-15).  Toms, a two time Southern Area champion as well as English title challenger and Prizefighter competitor, is coming off the back of two stoppage wins in his last three fights against well fancied fighters including unbeaten Olympian Fred Evans.  Make no mistake, this fight is a big step up for Gilley and cements his position among the top super lightweight prospects if he can pull it off.

Solid opener from Gilley as he rolls the lead hook from Toms on multiple occasions.  Gilley jabs well, using the obvious height advantage.  Second round, Gilley jab, right hand to the body then back upstairs with the hook is a nice combination that surprises Toms.  Gilley keeps that long jab going, circling the ring and not letting Toms set.  Toms is starting to get the left hand home as Gilley carelessly circles out to his right and lunges, but it is still Gilley in control.

In the third round Gilley faked the left hand up top to draw the hands up and unleashed a huge body shot that dropped Toms to the floor in anguish.  He couldn't beat the count and it's a huge statement win for Gilley.

Referee Mark Bates stopped the contest at 1 minute 36 seconds of round 3 

Graham Tirrel vs Danyail Stoyanov, 4x3 – Middleweight
7-0 Tirrel from Hitchin has racked up two stoppage wins and tonight takes on Bulgarian Stoyanov, who is himself coming off a win already in November.

The powerful Tirrel looks to bull forwards against the taller Stoyanov, the bearded Hitchin man waiting for the openings to try and close the gap.  Nice uppercut in the second round from Tirrel, but he also has a tendency to get caught on the way in when he rushes the approach.

The next two rounds see Tirrel continue to come forwards but not always with the composure needed to break the Stoyanov defences.  The attacks lack variation and he starts to get picked off more on his approaches.  

Referee Graham Tirrel scores the bout 39-38 to the winner Graham Tirrel.

Almut Bekbauov vs Daniel Urbanski, 4x3 – Welterweight
Coming out of Kazakhstan, Bekbauov is debuting against the experienced Polish fighter Urbanski, a man with 21 wins in his career to date.
Impressive stuff from Bekbauov in the opener - he has a strange style, crouching low, throwing the jab and popping a second shot to follow up then finding the next opening.  Some lovely uppercuts land, as well as heavy lead right hands.  

Bekbauov is a relentless powerhouse, throwing every shot to do damage.  Good job Urbanski has shared a ring with GGG in the past as he needs that experience of a heavy handed Kazakh in his face.  A cut opens over the left eye of Urbanski in the third but he is still a live foe in this fight, absorbing some sickening overhand rights and uppercuts.  Wonderful corkscrew uppercut finishes the round that sends the head of Urbanski back with force.  

The pace continues through the fourth, Bekbauov keeps punching through the Urbanski target.  Full credit to Urbanski though, he takes everything thrown and offers his own responses.

Referee Mark Bates scores the bout 40-36 to Almut Bekbauov who looks like he could be something special. 

Harlem Eubank vs Petar Alexandrov, 6x3
He carries the impressive name, tonight Eubank gets his sixth outing as a professional to show he can back it up.  Alexandrov historically doesn't travel well, each of his career wins coming in his home country of Bulgaria.

Solid opening round from Eubank, taking centre ring and working the stiff jab.  A tendency to jump into the lead right hand, perhaps born out of complacency knowing the Alexandrov isn't having success with his own shots.  Lovely duck of a hook from Eubank countered with a left hook of his own that lands flush to the chin of Alexandrov, Eubank unable to follow up.

It was on the ropes in the neutral corner where Eubank caught his man with a sickening knockout, a flurry of punches in the exchange and a huge left hook  on the end to the chin that left Alexandrov planted face first on the canvas and the referee jumped in immediately.  

Referee Mark Bates stopped the bout at 2 minutes 40  of round number 2 for a big KO win for Eubank.

Ben Smith vs Mwenya Chisanga, 6x3 - Super Lightweight
Final fight of the night sees 7-0 Smith from High Wycombe go looking for his first stoppage against Chisanga, who has traveled here from Sussex.  Chisana has shown he can be stopped, 3 times in his 7 fights, so it could be the perfect chance for Smith to keep the night short. 

Good opener from Smith, constantly dictating the pace of the fight and holding. Centre ring.  The Mark Tibbs trained orthodox fighter keeping the southpaw Chisanga on the outside for the full three minutes, the highlight being a lovely double right hand.

In the second the action slows.  Slows in fact to a point that the referee tells the two to stop posturing and engage. They listen and Smith goes back on the offensive, but Chisanga is a willing participant too as he looks to unload the backhand whenever Smith gets sloppy on his approach.

The middle rounds see the pace heat up again, Smith displaying some lovely footwork in and out of range to put two and three combinations together.  Chisanga is having very limited success unable to catch the fleet footed Smith.  The final round sees Smith happier to engage, the engine and power of Chisanga seemingly emptied.  However he lacks the power to put a serious dent in Chisange throughout.

Referee Lee Cook scored the bout 59-56 to Ben Smith