Live Show - Round Two

Back in December 2017, the three of us that run the podcast (Andi, Terry and Martin) decided to venture out onto the road and take the show Live in a theatre.  Small enough not to be a huge financial burden if it went wrong (as with all things podcast related, we funded it ourselves), big enough to find out if the concept worked.
Hopefully the 50(ish) people in attendance had a fun evening.  In our heads pre-show, it was a boxing version of Question Time.  What transpired on the night was a little different; trolled about trolling, 60/40, not quite eating dog food, plenty of audience interaction.  But, the important thing that we got out of it was that we could bring together those people in the boxing community that have listened to the podcast and start to put some faces to names.
The one thing that really stood out was meeting Shane.  Shane met with two other lads, all three coming individually and exchanging numbers while there.  Now, they all have a mate to text when they fancy going to a show.  We met with Shane up in Manchester too and stay in touch.
Did it go as we planned?  Not entirely, but mostly.  The panel of those directly involved in boxing (boxers, Manager/Promoter) gave some honest insights to the sport and answered the questions of those in attendance. 
This time around, we are already looking to get some names on board from the sport to come and be involved in a similar setup.  We’re working on…..bits.  Three months to go, plenty of time to firm up plans.  It’s probably not too surprising to know that the podcast itself is usually thrown together last minute on a Sunday just before hitting the Record button.
One criticism that got thrown at us before the show last time around was around charging people to come along to watch us do a podcast.  I get that.  It’s a choice ultimately.  To be clear, last time we did it, we were each out of pocket.  The theatre, accommodation, travel, food etc.  It all adds up.  Do we care?  Not at all, we are getting to do something that we love doing and at the same time, interacting with those who listen. 
It’s a hobby, hobbies cost money to do.  Each of us accept that.  The theatre is bigger this time, as are the costs.  None of us end up hundreds of pounds down, but also to be clear, none of us ends up swanning off with cash in our pockets.  We’re not about that.  Never have been and never will be.  The biggest gain that we got from the first show was being able to bring together a group of boxing fans, have a laugh, talk boxing and start to make those links with boxing fans. 
This time around there’s space for more.  We were lucky enough to sell out Round 1 in December and thank every single person who bought a ticket and came along.  It would have been a bit shit in an empty theatre, let’s be honest. 
So what we hope to gain out of Round 2 is the chance to once again act as Matchmaker.  If what comes out of it is an enjoyable evening where we put the podcast Live on stage and those in attendance can each build relationships with other boxing fans, then we’ll be happy.  That’s what it is about to us. 
So come along July 26th at the Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6EU and hopefully we can deliver a Round 2 worthy of attendance.
Tickets can be bought from the below link, hope to see you there!