It's Been a While....

It seemed time to note down some thoughts on just what is going in the UK boxing scene at present:

Firstly, high praise indeed to German brothers who nearly every boxing fan would like a night on the piss with.  Upon releasing details of the Groves vs Eubank Jr tickets, they told us that tickets are available from £30.  £30?!  That’s cheaper than nearly all small hall shows, for an event with two of the premium commodities in British boxing.  They didn’t say how many tickets, but good on ‘em for at least breaking the mould.
What is clear is that the Sauerlands have observed the best bits of Eddie Hearn and accentuated them.  Hearn was, let us not forget, a breath of fresh air to British boxing.  Fans were bored of the stale, older generation; Hearn provided the injection of youth and swagger to boxing promotion that was much needed.  What we as fans have become wary and tired of is the seemingly formulaic matchmaking and ‘journey’s that fighters go on (alternatively:  mismatches).   
The Sauerlands are in a good position; what they are importing to Britain is a boxing series that promises to put high level British fighters into good fights.  They don’t have to fill the calendar with half-assed efforts (alternatively:  NxtGen cards) that their heart-and-soul aren’t invested in, as each of their events in the UK to date have been meaningful.  Do it, then leave and put on a show elsewhere. 
Assuming they can keep this up, alongside the public persona of slightly mad mother fuckers with a penchant for partying, there is every chance that they can cement themselves as the Darlings of British boxing. 
One cloud that looms on the horizon though; what happens if/when their tickets end up on Stubhub?  Although their goodwill is at an all-time high, let’s see if there is a Hearn-esque backlash if the tickets do end up on the secondary market at inflated prices.  Although Smith vs Skoglund and Groves vs Cox were anticipated, they weren’t sell outs.  Groves vs Eubank is the acid test.
Hearn in the USA
Interesting start to life in America for Matchroom.  Jacobs vs Arias peaked at 765,000 viewers; for context, the Wilder vs Stiverne rematch for the world heavyweight title peaked at 887,000 viewers.  Hearn has spoken about lining up a minimum of six fight dates on HBO per year.  Given that Jacobs vs Arias was two weeks ago, they need to get their next one lined up soon to build up the momentum. 
Hennessy Sports on YouTube (again)
The purchase figures for Hughie Fury vs Joseph Parker were never released (to be fair, nobody in the UK does) – if the rumours are to be believed though, it was nothing short of a disaster.  Not ones to be perturbed though, Mick is back on the platform tonight for his second outing that is priced at a meagre £1.49. 
This could register as the most pointless PPV of all time.  Headlined by ‘Pink Tyson’ Kallie Kourouni defending her GBU and WIBF titles against a lady in Bojana Libiszewska who has a record of 5 wins, 25 losses.  There’s a couple of talents on the show too; former British & European champion Lenny Daws (granted his best days are well behind him) and upcoming Olympic silver medallist John Joe Nevin are on display. 
The issue though; am I on a Friday night going to bother to register my card to have £1.49 taken from my account to watch slightly over-the-hill Daws, upcoming prospect Nevin and a rubbish world title vs a journeywoman?  Not a hope in Hell.
You have to respect the graft of Mick Hennessy.  No longer with a TV platform, the old boy is having a crack at YouTube as a PPV service.  Let’s be honest though, this is the equivalent of when your family dog starts to urinate indoors, bumping into walls and unable to keep its dinner down.  Someone call the vet, please.
People got screwed out of ticket money if they bought their ticket on the secondary market and can’t get a refund?  Good.  I’m not even apologising for that statement.  We all know there’s something going on in the background of the ticketing industry – quite what it is we don’t know, but there’s something not right.
If you as an individual are buying on the secondary market at inflated prices then you are part of the problem, you are perpetuating the issue.  Hopefully the lesson will have been learned and no longer will you buy a ticket from the like of Stubhub, Viagogo etc again.  Let their business model rot and we can all go back to buying tickets at the price on the label. 
I hope if anyone has had their fingers burned through this, they kick up a storm and fight their corner.  However, the only way to really get change is to not buy there in the first place.
Duco Events press conference 
David Higgins secured his place in boxing folklore with ‘that press conference’.  If boxing ever recycles the old ‘Own Goals and Gaffes’ with Danny Baker on voiceover, expect to see some cringeworthy, grainy footage of Higgins and Parker making statements about the WBO champion and his granite chin, while displaying the video editing skills of an underdeveloped mollusc. 
Did it make Joseph Parker more well known worldwide?  Probably, and that was their aim.  However, notoriety doesn’t always equate to commercial value, especially if your notoriety is for making shitty press conferences in poorly white washed rooms.
I have seen some defending Duco events, by comparing these antics against Hearn and his CV of acting a bit of a dick over time.  There’s room for more than one clown in this circus of boxing, these two aren’t fighting it out over a single position.