Hughie Fury to get WBC shot?
Over the weekend stories started to emerge that young Hughie Fury (16-0-0) was going to be the man picked to be Deontay Wilder's second defence of his WBC world heavyweight title.  Peter Fury, Hughie's uncle and trainer, seemed to back the idea up that it could happen - although only confirmed that they had been offered the fight at four weeks notice and would require an 8 week camp.  At this point the fight seemed to be ruled out for now.
Uncle Peter then started to circulate that instead of fighting Wilder, Hughie could fight the former American world heavyweight title holder Shannon Briggs (58-6-1), a man who himself has been vocifirously calling for a shot at Deontay Wilder (34-0-0) and Wladimir Klitschko.  His tactics have been questionable - from following Klitscho to a restaurant while he dines to running his mouth off to Wilder at press conferences.  Through whichever method he has got the public attention.
The potential Briggs fight was mooted for being on the undercard of cousin Tyson's own world title fight against Wladimir Klitschko in October.  However on Tuesday, Peter Fury seemed to indicate that things may have taken a slight turn.  On Twitter he posted a picture of the Deontay Wilder page on BoxRec, which now shows Wilder to be fighting Hughie Fury on 26th September this year for the WBC title.  Although he didn't go as far as confirming the fight himself, all signs are indicating that the fight is due to take place.
Wilder is due another voluntary defence of his title, having beaten Eric Molina (23-2-0) in June of this year.  He won the title back in January against Bermane Stiverne, having claimed a comprehensive points victory in his first title shot.  The fight was seen as the first legitimate test for Wilder - in his previous 32 fights his opponents were less than stellar, and he had stopped each of them within the distance. 

A product of the notorious Al Haymon in America, Wilder has widely been accused of 'cherry picking' his opponents - selecting fighters who are unlikely to give him a test.  His defence against Molina was widely criticised, but as a first defence he can be allowed a soft touch.  Now the signs all indicate that Wilder is going to be taking on another undefeated fighter in Hughie Fury.
Hughie has openly said in the past that he has ambitions to be the youngest heavyweight champion of all time - a record held by a certain Mike Tyson at 20 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days.  If the fight does come off, Hughie will have missed the boat slightly, being the grand age of 21 years and 8 days. 
Hughie Fury has had a steady build up to his professional career, recording eight wins from his sixteen fights.  He missed nine months of his career through illness, returning to the ring in February 2015 in an impressive win over Andriy Rudenko (24-1-0) who has previously only been beaten by Lucas 'Big Daddy' Browne. 
Hughue Fury
Since that win, he has also picked up a victory over George Arias (56-12-0) in July.  What makes this potential match up confusing is that Hughie Fury doesn't sit within the top 15 of the WBC rankings - a position that would typically be required to be selected as a voluntary defence.  Of course, this is the world of Al Haymon that we are talking about, so perhaps such rules can be worked around (purchased). 
Should this fight be confirmed, expect uproar against Wilder as continuing his 'cherry picking'.  However, this would be an extremely risky matchup to take.  To date, Hughie has shown very few weaknesses in his skillset.  Perhaps not powering one punch knockout power, he does provide intelligent movement and at 6 foot 6 can match Wilder for size.  He works well off his lengthy jab and for a man of his size has quality footwork around the ring.  On top of that he comes from fighting stock - yet to hit the canvas as a pro, his ability to take a punch would be tested were he to get in the ring with Wilder.
One complication may come over the availability of Peter Fury to travel to the US - when Tyson has fought there previously versus Steve Cunningham Peter was unable to join him due to visa issues.  That night Tyson didn't display his usual tactical nouse in the ring, and it was clear that the guidance of the main trainer was missing.  Whether Peter Fury can get the clearance to get to the US should this fight come off remains to be seen.
What this potential fight opens up is the possibility of having the two Fury heavyweights holding all of the belts in the heavyweight division.   Cousin Tyson takes on Wladimir Klitschko in Germany on October 24th.  We wouldn't have seen such one family dominance since.....well, the Klitscho brothers. 
This would undoubtedly be a huge leap for Hughie.  However Peter Fury has stated before that he isn't concerned by any of his charges possibly losing their undefeated records, instead focussing upon what the individual would learn in the process.  Providing the terms are right for their side, expect the Fury team to jump at this opportunity and back their man to win it.  Who knows, come October 24th the heavyweight landscape could be a very different place!