Heaven or Hell

On Saturday 9th September, Josh Goodwin kicks off the new season from York Hall in style.  A Southern Area title fight alongside an English title bout as boxing returns from the summer break.

Grant Dennis vs Daniel Urbanski, 6 x 3 - Super Middleweight
Undefeated Dennis opens the show tonight against a man who has shared the ring with none other than Gennady Golovkin.  

Dennis opens well, a stiff jab causing his opponent trouble, who fails to be able to evade the shots.  Dennis gets his combinations together well, jab, uppercut, hook landing on multiple occasions. Dennis dominates the second, despite an early left hook to the body landing from Urbanski.  A big, almost leaping right hand connects and Dennis is showing good shot selection here - varying well.  

The two trade in the third, standing more in the pocket and working each other.  Dennis opens the fourth strongly, doubling up the body hooks and throwing in the uppercut on the end, it's an impressive showing.  Urbanski, with his cross arm defence across the face, is struggling with the pace of Dennis and the variety of shots.  His nose is opened up as he takes repeated punishment.

Dennis slows down in the fifth, taking his foot off the gas and seemingly saving his efforts for the final round,  The final round passes without activity though, Dennis happy to take the dominant points victory as the bell sounds on an entertaining opening fight.

The referee Kieran McCann scores  the fight 60-54 to Dennis.   
Kay Prospere vs Chris Adaway, 6x3 – Super lightweight
Prospere making his return after an injury layoff from his last bout. Prospere centre ring through round one, Adaway circles early on.  A few jabs land from Prospere as he feels his way in, testing the damaged hand.  Adaway makes the occasional approach but it's a Prospere round.
Right hand from Prospere lights up the second round, he looks to follow on the ropes with combinations as Adaway retreats.  

Adaway starts a wild attack to start the third, throwing a lunging let hand and following with the body. Prospere goes back to using the jab more, again working him well in the corners when opportunities present themselves.  Adaway is slippery though and Prospere can't get combinations together before he is out of the way.  Through the fourth, Prospere has control of the fight, without being able to damage Adaway.

In the sixth Prospere again handles proceedings on the attack, Adaway by now happy to see the fight out.  The highlight of the round a big right from Prospere but again, doesn't put a dent into Adaway.  Showing a few signs of tiredness in the sixth, Prospere takes a breather early in the round before stepping back in to unload combinations but Adaway does well to take them on the gloves mainly.   A big uppercut does find a home but Adaway smiles back.  

Referee Mark Bates scores the bout 60-34 to Prospere who makes a triumphant return.
Sean Robinson vs Alexandar Chukaleyski, 4 x 3 – Super Welterweight
Big ovation for Robinson here as he looks to go 4-0 tonight.  A solid first round for the home favourite Robinson, working a good jab despite giving away a couple of inches in height.  Again in the second he sticks behind the jab, showing a good boxing brain.  The right hand is brought in once he creates an opportunity.  A solid left hook rocks Chukaleyski's head back, but he takes it well.  Nice right hook to the body by Robinson and he follows, to land another good left hook as the bell goes.

Robinson opens his opponents nose with a nice uppercut in the third as he continues to be the aggressor here.  The fourth, Robinson goes looking for the stoppage but he's facing a tough man who isn't going anywhere.  A strong finish to an accomplished performance.

Referee Chaz Coakley scores the bout 40-36 to undefeated Robinson.
Sam Gilley vs Silvije Kebet, 4x3 – Super Welterweight
Gilley here looking to go 2-0 against the experienced Kebet.  An uneventful first round as Kebet covers well to nullify the best of the Gilley work.  Again in the second, Gilley was the only one showing ambition as Kebet covers, but an overhand right from Gilley catches Kebet cleanly which stuns him.  Gilley spots an opportunity and jumps on his man, throwing a flurry of shots that sees Kebet droop to the canvas.  He's up, just about, as the bell rings.
In the third Gilley opens quickly, looking to capitalise on the damage from the second round.  He sticks on top of his man, unloading heavy shots
Referee Mark Baites stopped the bout at 45 seconds of round three for the winner Sam Gilley.
Anesu Twala vs Kristian Laight, 4x3 - Super Lightweight
Twala looking to get his second win here against Laight, who is in the ring for his 271st fight.  Laight takes his usual approach of covering in his tight, side on stance.  Twala picks his shots well, taking his chances on the body, but this is nothing new for Laight.  
A cagey second round, Twala displays a nice defensive repertoire when Laight does come forward, but is reluctant to commit to his own attacks.
Round three, Laight let Twala into attack, no fear of the Twala power.  Twala couldn't impose himself into the fight enough to make the bout pick up.
Referee Kieran McCann scores they both 40-36 to Twala who moves to 2-0. 

Joel McIntyre vs Liam Conroy, 10x3 - Light Heavyweight, English Title Fight
McIntyre dominates early proceedings, handling with a nice long jab.  He is comfortable through the round, before Conroy lands a beautiful right hand that sent McIntyre to the floor .It's a heavy knock down but the beats the count somehow. McIntyre is up but shaky as Conroy closes in again, flurrying on an unsteady Conroy as he takes a knee on the bell.

The second starts with McIntyre looking shaky still.  Conroy goes into the attack zone straight away, McIntyre switching to southpaw.  Conroy can't be kept off, as he pushes forward and the referee jumps between the two to finish the bout.

Referee Terry O'Connor stops the fight at 1 minute 20 seconds of round two for the winner and new English light heavyweight champion Liam

Youssef Khoumari vs Andy Harris, 4 x 3 - Lightweight
 A debut for Khoumari against the battle tested Harris. The first round passes without much activity, Khoumari introducing himself to the pro game. In the second he finds an opening on the ropes, which leaves Harris hurt.  Khoumari takes the chance to step in, hammering shots to head and body as his loud following erupt.  Harris looks in trouble but sees the round out, with a large cut over the left eye.

Khoumari is excited through the third round, looking o force the pace.  Harris is doing well to cover when he is in trouble and protect the damaged eye.
In the fourth, Khoumari keeps up that fierce and quick attack, suffocating the defence of Harris.  Although not landing any big shots, he was doing plenty of damage as the referee jumped in to stop the bout.

Referee Chaz Coakley stopped the bout at 2 minutes 28 seconds of round four.
Leon Mckenzie vs Cello Renda, 10x3 – Super Middleweight, Southern Area Title Fight
 Huge ovation for both men here.  The bell goes an BANG, McKenzie comes out with a solid first jab that nearly takes Renda through the ropes.  He goes to follow up and Renda looks in trouble, but then fires his own jab that catches McKenzie.  A nice left hand from McKenzie connects but Renda is dangerous with every punch he throws.  Fantastic first round.

Round two is just as frenetic, Renda showing some nice feints to keep McKenzie guessing, while McKenzie is working that good southpaw jab.  Renda lands a flush right hand that seems to trouble McKenzie on the ropes, but he spins off and crosses the ring where Renda follows.  Renda starts to work the body and  McKenzie lands a big right of his own when he looks in trouble.  The bell goes as these two stand toe-to-toe.

The third round is frenetic, Renda finding a home for the left hand every single time.  As the round progresses Renda cements his superiority and lands some nice clean shots, then McKenzie hits a big left hand that leaves Renda on the ropes in big trouble.  McKenzie comes in and fires more heavy shots, peppering off the head of Renda as he keeps getting rocked back.  The referee looks interested in stopping the fight but Renda makes it through to the end of the round.
Fifth opens with a lead hook from McKenzie before Renda becomes the aggressor centre ring.  The highlight of the round is McKenzie turning Renda on the ropes and unloading, again causing the Renda head to rock.  Round six, Renda comes out southpaw, looking to pick his shots from a jab rather than loading up as he was.  McKenzie looks a little confused, but Renda is soon back to orthodox.  Lovely lead left from McKenzie lands on the chin but Renda takes well.  

McKenzie is doing well now working off his boxing and making it a more tactical affair, while Renda is keen to get in and make it a tear up.  Big swinging right from Renda that McKenzie rolls out the way of.  McKenzie reads the Renda attacks well now, Reenda struggling to find a home for his big punches.  McKenzie in return jabs well, occasionally bringing the right hand in.

McKenzie in the eighth takes a big right hand to the head, before Renda targets the body.  He looks in real trouble in the corner, before firing a huge right hook that sends Renda back and McKenzie goes on the attack himself..  These two have shown unbelievable guts to be in there still.  
Round nine and Renda is straight on the attack.  McKenzie backs to the ropes and is in real trouble and Renda keeps on top of him.  He doesn't let McKenzie off, and McKenzie takes more damage before hitting the canvas.  Unable to beat the count, the referee calls this off from what has been an unbelievable fight between two great men.

Referee Lee Cook stopped the bout after 29 seconds of round number nine to the new Southern Area super middleweight champion, Leon McKenzie.
Bout 9
Jack Newham vs Teodor Nikolov, 4x3 - Welterweight
Debutant Newham out with. Swift set of jabs early on catching Nikolov nicely.  His hands are quick and immediately causing issues.  Nikolov looks the bigger man but Newham no doubt the more talented of the two.  

Nikolov is getting more success in the second, landing a nice lead uppercut.  His size and strength advantage are starting t be a factor now in this.  
In the third a cut opens over the Nikolov left eye as both lads are really going for this.  Big lead right from Newham connects straight on the cut, which in turn sparks Nikolov back into action.  Good scrap this.  Big left hook from Newham to end an exchange as the crowd raise their volume.

Both lads are still game in the fourth, Newham is landing some nice jab, straight combinations as Nikolov retreats.  
The fight ends with the two again exchanging in the centre of the ring and the bell goes on an entertaining debut for Newhm.

Referee Mark Baites scored the fight 39-37 to Newham and his vocal support clearly approve!

Bout 10
Daniel Khan vs Anto Nakic, 4 x 3 Super Featherweight
Khan with a dominant performance, taking his career to 3-0.  Nakic looked for big shots from the off, Khan too skilled to be caught and handling the attacks well.  Khan was landing cleanly, Nakic unable to find an answer.  In the second, Khan was the aggressor and handled Nakic with ease.  He stuck it on him through the round, before upping his work rate and putting a stoppage to the fight.

The fight ended in round 2, referee Chaz Coakley stopping it at 2 minutes 50 seconds.

Bout 11
Harjeet Singh vs Toni Bilic, 6 x 3 - Cruiserweight

Singh comes out to a band drumming in an elaborate entrance.  In round one he backed it up, landing a right hand to his incoming opponent that floored him, but more a glancing blow than a knockout one.  

In the second, again Singh is on top.  Bilic takes punishment and looks to quit in the corner, but is seemingly sent back out.  Singh lands with a heavy knock down immediately, but Bilic is up again.  It doesn't take long for the fight to end.

1 minute 45 seconds of round two, Lee Cook stops the bout for the winner Harjeet Singh.