New  Age Boxing - Going Live!
We've decided it's time to go live with the New Age Boxing podcast.  We 'ummed' and 'ahhed' over an online version, but what better way to get boxing folk together than face-to-face?!  So, that's exactly what we're hoping to do.   The easiest way seemed to be to outline what we have planned and also let you know what we haven't!  So, details below......

When is it?
Monday ​December 18th - time to be decided, but likely around 7.30.

​Where is it?
​It will be at the Etcetera Theatre in London.  Probably safe to describe it as cosy, we've picked somewhere that won't cost us an arm and a leg if nobody chooses to turn up (which we 100% realise is a possibility!!)

​What is it?
​Well, it's going to be the podcast three (Terry, Andi, Martin) sat on a stage and doing the  No scripts, no rehearsals, no editing, just going from the start to the finish.

​We're hoping that there will be plenty of audience participation; where we typically have listener questions, we'll handle them live instead and answer on the fly!

​How much is it?
​Tickets will be priced at a tenner each.  For that, you get our company and each others for a good two hours or more (time dependant).  Each ticket has £1.50 that goes to the theatre as part of their 'membership' rules (it's included in the £10). 

​Let's start by ruling out an obvious one; money.  We're not in this to Si Clayton anyone, nor try and make money for ourselves.  In fact once the hire cost of the theatre plus travel etc are taken into account, we'll end up out of pocket.  If we don't, then it'll probably end up behind the bar anyway!

​What we enjoy is making content for our listeners.  We enjoy the feedback, good or bad, every week and the fact that we get so much interaction with listeners.  We enjoy sitting down and discussing boxing with the three of us; we would do it with no listeners, or do it with a million.  So what better way to enjoy it than to go out and try doing it live? 

​December 18th, a week before Christmas and a great excuse to get some boxing folk together and have a few drinks in the company of others, doing something that we'd have done on our own when recording anyway.   ​The date also happens to coincide (genuinely more luck than judgement) with our 100th episode of the podcast, which in itself is a great excuse to have a gathering of likeminded people, have a drink and spread some good cheer.

​Also, it's the day after Haye vs Bellew II, so gives us plenty to chat about (hopefully!). 

​How do I get tickets?
​Tickets will be going on the theate website ( - don't worry, we'll push it when out.

​So, hopefully that answers any questions around it.  Further details will be released in the next week or so around the ticketing and we look forward to seeing as many as possible on December 18th!