Chris Eubank Jr vs Arthur Abraham 
What is clear from the outset; Chris Eubank Jr has become an attraction.  Someone that people come to see, a true main event.  The stars of boxing were here, some on working duties, some to experience the event.  Dereck Chisora, Jorge Linares, Kell Brook, George Groves, Anthon Crolla, Joshua Buatsi, Carl Frampton to name just some; all were here to see Eubank and werer left with what turned out to be an entertatining card.

Nathaniel Wilson vs Yaddolah Ghassemi (4 x 3)
Wilson dominates through the first, a lead right being the highlight that rocks Ghassemi.  He uses the jab well to control the early proceedings, a wild left hook catching nothing but air.
In the second Wilson comes out posing to start the round.  He finds early success with flush shots bouncing off the Ghassemi chin.  It doesn't take long to dominate further as Wilson lands clean with left and rights that Ghassemi can't handle, his defence fallen apart in the attacks and the referee jumps in to stop the fight.

Joe Jackson Brown vs Elvis Dube (4 x 3)
Brown has the best of an easy first round with Dube offering little to offer in return.   The fight continues at a slower pace, Brown in firm control but never pushing for a stoppage, while Dube is happy to see the final bell.  Brown picks up a comfortable 40-36 points win.

Joel McIntyre vs Remigijus Ziausys (4 x 3)
English champion McIntyre with a stay bust fight, comes out with a strong left hook at the opening bell.  A solid jab dominates the first round for McIntyre, occasionally stepping in the with right hand to follow up.  Ziausys holds his guard high throughout, offering few openings and rarely returning fire.  McIntyre ends the round with two body hooks in a stance he easily dominates.  
McIntyre continues the assault early in round two, pinning his opponent to the ropes and unloading to the body.  More comfortable boxing from McIntrye while Ziausys retreats.  In the third McIntrye makes a brief switch to southpaw attacking to the body as he does so.  
Final round, again McIntyre comes on the attack, Ziausys unwilling to engage.  A nice lead uppercut by McIntyre leads to a sustained assault as he again switches to southpaw.  You get the feeling that if McIntyre wanted to end this he could pick his moment but is instead happy to take his time and make the most of his ring time as he prepares for his first English title defence.  
A rare Ziausys attack on the final bell but this was one way traffic.  McIntyre picked up a comfortable 40-36 victory.

Kid Galahad vs Jose Ceyatano (IBF Intercontinental featherweight title)
Galahad makes his intentions clear from the first bell, prowling forwards as Cayetano accepts his roll with his back to the ropes.  Galahad is slick, happy to switch in and out of southpaw.  The referee issues numerous warnings through the first two rounds about low blows to Galahad.  

Cayetano continues to work from the ropes but has little success - Galahad has a workrate that keeps Cayetano pinned - in round four a lovely attack in the Cayetano corner sees Galahad land cleanly with a jab, straight right that he then flurries on the end of it.  The referee looks interested but Cayetano is able to spin out and escape.  The two go to centre ring, Cayetano taking the rare opportunity to go on the front foot but Galahad only uses it as a chance to display his counter punching ability.  A straight left hand from Galahad as the round ends.
Round five and Galahad is straight on the offence, the crowd 'oohing' as he rattles Cayetano in the away corner again.  A one point deduction for Galahad after again hitting low.  It seems to light a fire as he renews his attack, but is unable to put a real dent in Cayetano.
Galahad firmly controls the action through round six, working well off the jab.  Cayetano seems to be unable to get his head out of the way of the Galahad gloves but Galahad doesn't seem to carry the power to stop Cayetano.  An uppercut from Galahad centre ring that rocks Cayetano back as the seventh round ends.
Cayetano starts to open up, a triple jab connecting to start the eighth.  It's a rare and unfollowed success though, as Galahad is in control again through the round.  In the ninth out of southpaw he connects with a solid jab, left hand but is unable to follow further.
In the tenth a lovely lead uppercut from Galahad knocks back Cayetano as Galahad senses a stoppage.  A big left hand and then the huge right on the ropes as Galahad almost seems to wait for the referee to take action.  Eventually he jumps in to save Cayetano from any further punishment.

Robbie Davies Jr vs Michael Syrowatka (WBA Continental super lightweight, 12 x3)

Nice ovation for Davies here.  Syrowatka is having none of it though as early on he lands two big right hands to the head of Davies.  Davies fires back but is caught again by the ambitious Poleish opponent  As the round ends Syrowatka returns to his corner with a cut over the right eye, enclear where it has come from.  
Action calms down in the second as Davies starts to use his jab effectively to head and body.  The two trade left hooks centre ring as the round closes.
Nice left uppercut in the clinch early from Davies in the third, before catching his opponent with a lead right as he walks into range.  Davies seems to struggle finding a home for the jab, Syrowatka evading each time he throws it.  
In the fifth Davies seems to be getting frustrated, loading up on shots.  There are opportunities to counter that he doesn't take as he looks for his own work so intently.  A nice lead right hand is the highlight.  
In the sixth. Big left hook from Syrowatka lands on the Davies chin.  He takes it, but looks to hold soon after.  He comes straight back with a big left hook of his own.  Syrowatka though lands a big right hand that Davies looks stunned by, then a quick flurry that leaves Davies to hold on until the bell rings to his relief.
Davies starts seven as the aggressor but that cut smears immediately.  He struggles to land but has a good work rate on him.  The end of the round ignites, a left hook by Syrowattka is returned by a right hand by Davies as the two go to their corners.
In the ninth Davies plants a good left, right hook combination to the head of Syrowatka that sends him forwards, forcing his gloves to touch the canvas.  To the protest of Syrowatka, he is given a count by the referee.  He is unhurt and Davies is wise enough not to follow up looking for the finish.
Round ten and the two are a bloody mess, claret everywhere.  The round ends with Davies in real trouble holding on.  Start of eleven and a big right hand from Syrowatka is followed by the left hook as Davies takes both on the chin but shakes his head.  He is proving he can take a shot here.  Then another  big left hook lands on Davies and a straight right, the Davies fans seem understandably concerned about their man.
A huge right hand by Syrowatke leaves Davies laid on the canvas in the twelfth.  He looks finished on his knees but somehow finds his feet.  the referee allows it to carry on but it doesn't take long for the finish as he is saved by his corner and the referee together in a huge upset.
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Martin J Ward vs Anthony Cacace (British super featherweight title, 12 x 3)
Huge ovation for Ward as he looks to secure the British title outright. The wiry looking Cacace looks to throw big shots early on but doesn't find a home for them.  A quiet opener.  The second isn't much more open, Ward undoubtedly having the better of the action with a higher workrate and better quality of work but you feel Cacace is freezing on the big stage so far.
Ward is careful in plotting his attacks against the taller southpaw, looking for openings to throw in 3's and 4's then get back out.  Cacace still hasn't shown what he can offer here.
Cacace through the rounds is reliant upon his lead left hand, but Ward is easily reading it and continuing to land at ease, albeit with peppering shots and not powerful attacks.
Through to round six, the fight has developed a pattern; Cacace ignores the jab and lunges with the lead left, while Ward relies on the workrate but very little power to take the rounds.  A bit of verbals at the end of the fifth was as close as it came to lighting up.
The two exchange straight rights in round seven as Cacace goes into orthodox.  Cacace throws a nice combination, left to the body followed by hooks to the head, but I'd eosn't faze Ward.  Neither seemingly has the power to damage the other.
In the eighth they are more willing to engage.  Cacace starts to come out on top of the exchanges, catching Ward with a lovely right hand mid round that excites his fans.
A right hand lands flush on Ward that he takes well, but neither has the power that is deterring the other, yet also neither will engage.  The tenth passes without drama - the two exchange words yet again on the way back to their corners; if they carried as much aggression into the rounds they would be better served.
The start of the final round is a blur of gloves as the two meet centre ring.  Blood is trickling from the face of Ward, looks like upper nose, as the two end in scrappy fashion that matches the rhythm and pattern of the fight.
The bout was scored 115-114, 116-114 and 116-113 all in favour of Martin Ward, who retains the title and wins it outright.

Lee Selby vs Victor Barros (IBF featherweight title 12 x 3)

A tight first round, Selby getting the better of it but unable to pin down the tricky Barros.  A right hand on the ropes the highlight.  
The second and third rounds, Selby displayed how far above Barros he is.  Impressively working at angles, very few punches catching him cleanly and picking his shots at will.  Selby's defence is too slick for Barros, easily handling anything that he throws back, pivoting off at angles that perplex Barros.  There are times you would like to see Selby stay in an dfight some more, 
In the fifth Selby picks up a cut over the right eye, caused as the two have their heads come together.  

Barros has a solid sixth round, started to pose a few questions for Selby, catching him often with the left hand on the end of exchanges.  
The Selby dominance continues through the eight, almost wishing to keep himself in the ring and blow off the ring rust from his recent inactivity.  So little threat coming back from Barros that it seems he could choose if it ends or not.  Nice angled hooks to the body before going for a walk around the ring displays again how one-sided this is.  The cut has re-opened, but it doesn't seem to be concerning the Welshman.
the fight was one paced until the 12th, when Selby looked to make a point.  Pressing Barros on the ropes, he scored the breakthrough after starting with a big uppercut.  Barros got up and Selby 
Selby won 119-108, 117-110, 117-110 and retains his IBF title.

Chris Eubank Jr vs Arthur Abraham (IBO super middleweight title, 12 x 3)

Round one passes with Eubank having, predictably the better workrate.  Customary high guard from Abraham, the most successful shot being the uppercut through the middle.  In the second, Eubank starts to put those combinations together to work around the guard.  The body gets targeted, bringing the gloves down for success to the head.  Already the Abraham nose is marking up as he goes backwards - a rare feat in his career.
In the third, one of the few times in Eubank's career he has taken significant punches.  He almost looks off balance as they very square-on Abraham comes at him, but he gets back into space and resets, smiles at Abraham and beckons him to have a toe-to-toe fight as the round ends.
Through the fourth and fifth a similar pace continues, Eubank with frenetic hand speed, almost too fast to see the combinations.  Abraham though is wily, very little gets through the guard of his.  He doesn't waste much energy either, he rarely throws , but when he does he gets limited success.  Eubank, happy to posture when he gets the chance, still finds his best success whipping his hooks to the body.
In the seventh Eubank hurts Abraham.  Uppercut, right hand, hook; over and over these combinations come in and Abraham can't get his guard in the way of all of them, his head rocking back and forth.  However he survives the attack, leaving Eubank to walk back and start some posing, posturing.  The crowd love it, before Eubank unleashes again.  He's enjoying this - Abraham tries to pretend he is too, but you suspect the truth is different.
Eubank takes his foot off slightly for the eighth, giving Abraham an opportunity to take a breather from the seemingly never-ending onslaughts he has faced.  In the ninth a fierce jab from Eubank sets off an attack, but Abraham now has the defence tightened to stop the uppercuts firing though, so Eubank starts to looks elsewhere to get part the guard.  Straight and overhand rights are the weapon of choice, but Abraham again gets caught with an uppercut as the round ends.  His face is marked up heavily.  
Some rather bizarre stalking by Eubank is the highlight of the tenth - dropping the shoulders and hunching over; he neglects to throw punches, but the crowd continue to be entertained.
A straight left hand by Abraham lands mid round on the chin of Eubank in the eleventh - rather than deter the younger man it lights a fire in Eubank, who immediately goes to town on Abraham, as if he were insulted to take the punch.  Again an incredible furry of speed that Abraham takes, this time coming away on shaky looking legs, but he sees the round out.
Final round, a big lead uppercut gets through from Eubankm sending Abraham's head flying back to the delight of the crowd.  A wild swinging overhand leaves Eubank out of position in the corner but, rather than try and rectify his position, Eubank stays there to pose.  
The fight ends, a one-sided affair that Eubank dominated throughout.  He took more shots than perhaps other fights, but still had it all his own way.  Question marks will remain over the power of Eubank, for all his success he was unable to put a finish to the fight.  For all the style and showmanship, he didn't have the ability to put Abraham in real trouble.
The judges scored the bout 118-110, 118-110 120-108, with Chris Eubank Jr still the IBO super middleweight champion.