Coverage by Jack Blair

It’s a real pleasure to be at the historic York Hall leisure centre where so many incredible bouts have taken place, we have an amazing evening of non-stop boxing in store, including 3 title fights, debuts, and some of the best young talent in the country. I can’t wait for the action to begin!

 Tunji Ogunniya vs Jack Green Super Welterweight
Boxing debut for Tunji, massive support for him inside York Hall... Some dance moves on the way to the ring, he's certainly a favourite in here.
Absolutely all Tunji but Green is still in there the jab is landing with devastating accuracy and effect, body shots will get Green out of there.
Tunji does target the body but it’s the uppercuts which cause the damage in the 2nd, Green has a solid shell guard but it not throwing back meaning Tunji is struggling to find clean openings.
Green looks very tired but is still in there and frustrating Tunji who landed well with right hands to the body and uppercuts but is warned by the ref for measuring with the lead hand.
Rapturous applause as the ref steps in to stop the fight, Tunji the winner by TKO. The 4th round was by far his best, he cut off the ring fantastically and ended Green with a vicious combo particularly the right uppercut and body hooks were eye catching. Tougher tests await but a very good debut for a very popular fighter, one to watch!
 Mikael Lawal vs Florinas Strupits Cruiserweight
Wow! Stunning KO by Lawal in his 2nd outing, was on top right from the very first shot using good levels and 3 punch combos to cause damage, the decisive shot was a overhand right as Strupits ducked, a combo then helped him on his way. Very impressive shot selection and patience on display. Lawal moves to 2-0.
 Nathan Weise vs Geiboord Omier Welterweight
Good first round, Omier lands well early then Weise controls the range with a good strong jab and a couple eye catching hooks.
Better round from Omier landed good shots early before a head body combo landed sweet from Weise but Omier came back strong with big shots late in the round.
Far better from Weise who responds well, looks to move well, and works behind a jab, body shots doing the damage not much coming back from the tired looking Omier.
Another dominant round for Weise not as many clean punches but quality movement and feinting causing Omier problems.
40-36 for Weise, good competitive fight but Omier flagged badly in 2nd half. Weise could have targeted the body more countering the slow jab of Omier but a good performance all in all.
Sam Gilley vs Rudolf Durica Super Welterweight
Another crowd favourite on debut in Sam Gilly, the atmosphere in York Hall is incredible!
Impressive opening round which Gilley grew into, his speed is great but he seems to be able to create outstanding angles to attack from, left uppercut best shot of the round.
Not as impressive from Gilley who struggled to find his accuracy, mainly down to improvements from Durcia who has an awkward style but looked tired at the end of the round.
Better round for Gilley creating angles again with eye catching left hook and straight right, movement was 10x better than in round 2.
Final round is the best of the fight for Gilley constantly connecting with both hands, Dacia is still game but getting hurt a lot.
Decision goes to Gilley 40-37 meaning round 2 was a 10-10... Gilley gets his pro career underway with a hard-fought win where he was able to show moments of absolute class.
Liam Dillon vs Joe Beeden Super Lightweight
An all action start here, Dillon working well with a double jab but caught the eye with a hook straight hook combo which hurt Beeden, Dillon himself is bleeding from the nose, could have been a clash of heads as both fighters like to lean in.
Good work again by Dillon who landed a great counter body hook early in the round, he has been aggressive throughout, constantly throwing. Beeden is really yet to establish himself in the fight.
Dillon was not as successful in that round but still in control, Beeden is grabbing a hold quite a bit now with the ref warning him.
The boxers embrace at the end of the 4th the result all but confirmed for an impressive Liam Dillon, his engine and aggression were very impressive, I'd like to see him try and work the body more in future particularly when in close but he’s one of those busy fighters who would give anyone a hard night’s work!
The result comes in as 40-36 to Dillon
Billy Allington vs Andy Harris
The noise is incredible for Billy Arlington, can he put on a show for his adoring crowd?
A scrappy start with Allington probably edging the first, key punches were a uppercut from Allington and a left hook from Harris.
Allington improving in the 2nd a couple outstanding 4/5 punch combos, Harris offered little in return that round.
Referee was very busy in that round warning Harris early then giving a talk to both boxers in the middle, unhappy with constant grabbing, after the talk Allington landed more clean shots.
More holding at the start of the 4th with Harris losing a point from the ref. The end to the fight was stunning, Allington caught Harris with a massive shot sending him flying into the neutral corner, the ref looked to jump in but Harris threw back and the fight continued, he made the end of the fight and can be proud of the effort but Billy Allington was a different league, his speed and accuracy caused constant problems.
The fight is scored 40-35 to Allington who moves to 4-0.
Chris Davies vs Josef Obeslo Light Heavyweight
Undefeated Davies looking slick at times with clean defence and lightning counters but on occasion Obelso has managed to get under his skin with some gamesmanship, causing Davies to become more aggressive but less affective, good round for Davies though.
Obeslo is very tough but Davies is dominating a great round with lots of different shots on show particularly a counter right hand seems to cause damage but Obelso just smiles and carries on.
Good round again for Davies, more gamesmanship by Obeslo trying to goad Davies into throwing big shots but this time Davies remains calm and lands plenty of shots from range.
A bit scrapper but Davies still in control Obelso spits his gum shield out to buy some time but Davies gets straight back to work, hand speed and counters very impressive.
Obelso is made of tough stuff, Davies has landed his best but Obelso has taken them and is still there, it will take a flurry of punches to take him out.
A better round for Obelso but Davies still dominate, he won every round for me but a good entertaining scrap.
Still undefeated moving to 5-0 Chris Davies, he'll have tougher fights but believe he learned a lot from that bout. Every round to Davies. Scored 60-54.
Joe McCory vs Fons Alexander Super Lightwight
An animated crowd is anticipating a big performance from Joe McCory, in his way is the tough and experienced Fons Alexander.
McCroy gets off to a cracking start working his left hand with jab hook combos, then he grows in confidence and begins to add the right hand in, thoroughly dominant throughout round 1.
Sweltering heat inside York Hall but Joe McCory is the coolest man in the building, landing at will, Alexander is trying to throw back but McCory is able to counter and punish him.
Still very impressive, Alexander is staying in there but McCory looks good, pick of the shots was a left hook when Alexander was against the ropes, good change of angles.
 Alexander threw more into that round pushing McCory back and receiving more success but McCory still dominated throughout the round.
A big hook lands from Alexander who is giving this a right go! McCory is still taking the rounds but not having it his own way, into the 6th.
McCory ends the fight with a strong round, some eye catching 3 punch combos in there, fair play to Alexander who gave it everything. I think McCory will learn a great deal from that fight.
The result is scored as expected 60-54 
Diego Burton vs Justin Menzie Middleweight
A ferocious start to the fight from both boxers Menzie was pushed onto the back foot early but landed some great left hands from his southpaw stance, Burton responded with good work to the body but the better work came from Menzie.
Close to being stopped as Burton is struggling to deal with the speed and angle of Menzie's left hand... Burton was hurt bad in the round but made it to the 3rd.
Much better round from Burton who took the 3rd in my book, he had Menzie tied on the ropes a couple of times and landed numerous body shots.
Menzie's left hand is back in action sending Burton across the whole ring back into a neutral corner but Menzie does not capitalise on that and instead appears to lose some focus, Menzie in control though.
Menzie appears annoyed with himself as Burton comes back into the fight scoring with head and body shots, Menzie has dropped his guard and is just looking for that big left.
Burtons corner screaming at him to move forward, he obliges and pushes Menzie back many times in this round. In close Burton is always getting the best of the exchanges. Menzie needs to go back to his old work to win this.
A closer round with Menzie scoring early on but then his work rate dropped off and Burton began to land, not as much from Burton in that round though. Close fight.
Another closer round with Menzie starting like a machine, but about a minute into the round the work rate dropped and Burton came back, I'd go Menzie in that one... Just.
Very intriguing fight and clash of styles here, Menzie landed and eye catching left just before the bell which might have swayed the round but before that Burton was pushing him back well, into the final round still so much up for grabs.
Burton put everything into the final round marching forward behind a jab, Menzie struggled to land any left hands. Burton takes the final round for me, very close fight I'd score it 1 round to Menzie but either could take the win here.
The referees scorecard is 96-95 to Diego Burton, Menzie understandably upset with the decision but Burton just hung in the fight and the referee favoured his work. It was a thoroughly entertaining contest which I would love to watch again.
Adrian Martin vs Jan Balog Super Welterweight international challenge belt
Martin looking to move to 5-0 has made an ok start, good work on the back foot but his opponent is still coming forward and throwing but Martins defence so far has been on point
Balog landed a couple of shots in the 2nd but in reply Martin was landing eye catching shots and combos a 4-punch combo landed sweet and Balog was left hurt and backing away ending in him dropping to the floor on an attempted grab, no knockdown.
Balog again lands early with a big right hook, Martin unaffected by it continues and the first minute is a bit scrappy before Martin takes charge with some lovely distance punching.
It doesn't look likely this is going another round as Balog has had the spirit beaten out of him by a class Adrian Martin, that round was on another level, left hook to the body was the painful one.
As expected Balog doesn't return for the 5th, he was tough and game but Martin was superb in the 4th, he moves to 5-0...
To finish off his night on an even bigger high, Martin invites his girlfriend to the ring, down on one knee he pops the question in front of a fully supportive York Hall, she says yes and Martin scores 2 massive wins in the same night.
Jumanne Camero vs David Birmingham (southern area lightweight)
Should be a great fight here for the Southern Area title, Camero looks massive compared to Birmingham, can he make the height and reach count?
Birmingham started well and made Camero miss, Camero then caught Birmingham with a painful looking left hook right uppercut combo, he also pushed him back against the ropes later in the round.
A better round from Birmingham who worked well on the inside, his movement was good and he was able to avoid Camero's jab which hasn't been effective. Camero finished the round with a big left hook to the body which Birmingham took well.
I prefer Birmingham’s work in this round, he's able to get in close and threw short hooks to head and body. Camero struggled to land anything telling in that round, if he can establish his jab and stop Birmingham coming forward he'll be right back in this.
Better round from Camero, Birmingham lands a telling left hook early in the round but Camero ups his game in the 2nd half, landing good combos to push Birmingham back.
Good round again for Camero but a great competitive fight. Camero changes the angle and lands a big left hook to the body, his movement has dramatically improved. Birmingham still working well and landing shots though.
A terrific right hand from Camero shocks Birmingham, the onslaught continues and the ref keeps a close eye, Birmingham throws back but gets countered, as he tries to move Camero jumps on him and downs him with a brutal 1-2. They start the count but Birmingham not going to make it. Jumanne Camero is the NEW Southern Area lightweight champion, its hard on Dave Birmingham who boxed really well at times but Camero found the telling shot and finished very well.
Wadi Camacho vs Arfan Iqbal (English cruiserweight title)
It is electric inside York Hall as we build up to the highly anticipated English Cruiserweight title fight, both boxers are fully confident of the win.
A very tense start but then Iqbal begins to land right hands on Camacho seemingly at will, he was visually hurt at the end of the round. Camacho is struggling to establish his jab.
Camacho manages to begin working to the body but Iqbal continues with the 1-2's then Iqbal lunges in and it looks like Camacho is hurt with possibly clash of heads Iqbal then rushes in to finish but Camacho holds on and sees out the round. Worrying stuff for Camacho.
What a round! A case for both men, Camacho improved massively and landed good shots to body and head but Iqbal is still landing these powerful looking right hands.
Camacho begins to apply more pressure scoring a good left hand with Iqbal on the ropes, as he lets him off Iqbal unleashes a huge straight right, Camacho's legs dip, Iqbal smells blood and pounces on him unleashing punch after punch, a brave Camacho tries to fight back from the ropes but Iqbal lands a sickening right hand pushing Camacho's head right back. The refs seen enough and he jumps in to stop the contest Arfan Iqbal is the NEW English Cruiserweight champion! It was a terrific fight Iqbal's big right hand dominated the fight. It was a crossroads fight and you question what’s next for both men, Iqbal has some talented and loud rivals in the cruiserweight division.
Erick Ochieng vs Freddy Kiwitt  (southern area welterweight)
Southern Area Welterweight title on the line, both these fighters are coming off the back of a loss and will put everything into this.
Kiwitt lands some clean punches on Ochieng both men are throwing but struggling to establish a rhythm.
The left hook of Kiwitt is dominating this fight, Kiwitt then lands a straight right on Ochieng's chin, his legs dip and he looks unsteady but manages to hold on. Kiwitt beginning to take charge of the fight.
Ochieng lands his best punch of the fight early in the round but Kiwitt continues to dominate, he then lands a big leading right hand on Ochieng who dips at the knees, Kiwitt jumps on him to finish but can't, the round ends with Ochieng landing some good shots of his own.
Ochieng lands a good right uppercut late in the round but it was once again won by Kiwitt's left hook which he is landing at will, Ochieng needs to find a way to avoid that punch if he’s to have any chance here.
A closer round, some good work coming back from Ochieng, Kiwitt unable to work the left hook which was so vital in prior rounds.
Another close round this time I feel Ochieng took it, both are trading blows but the accuracy has dipped particularly with Kiwitt but he's still way in front.
Another big left hook but this time from Ochieng who is having a better round, Kiwitt comes back with a good combo to push Ochieng onto the ropes, as they jostle for centre of the ring Kiwitt launches a massive right hand and down goes Ochieng, WOW he looked fully out cold as he fell, the ref gives a count but there is no way he can continue. The winner by KO and new Southern Area Welterweight champion... Freddy Kiwitt!
A good performance from Kiwitt who hurt his opponent on numerous occasions, the outstanding shot was his left hook which landed frequently and to good effect, however the finisher ended up coming via a straight right lead.
Lewis Syrett vs Gabor Balogh Middleweight
Last fight of what's been a terrific evening of boxing at York Hall, Lewis Syrett looks to move to 2-0.
First round starts cautiously for Syrett, Balogh is throwing 3 punch combos and having success, Syrett improves through the round and lands a lovely straight left from his southpaw stance.
Second round starts just like the first with Balogh beginning quick with the jab straight jab combo, Syrett stays composed though and begins landing his jab and straight left, some of those shots effected Balogh.
An interesting round, started the same as the others but Syrett then began to turn the screw with lethal straight left hands, Balogh seemed badly affected by a jab, Syrett smelt blood and jumped on him but it seemed premature until Syrett landed a destructive left hook with Balogh against the ropes. Balogh however managed to recover and threw back as Syrett began to target the body before the close of the round.
I was concerned Syrett may have gassed himself in the round before going for the KO, that appeared to be the case as Balogh dominated large parts of the final round scoring with some hard-looking punches. Both fighters fought very well but the ref scored it 39-37 Syrett, not as convincing as Lewis would have wanted but he picks up the win and will learn from the process.

What an amazing evening of boxing, it just had a bit of everything. Credit to Steve Goodwin and everyone at Goodwin promotions who put on a tremendous card, many of the fights were competitively matched with some immense action. Hats off to the journeymen at today’s event who really put on some outstanding performances for the crowd, almost all of them challenged the home fighters and delivered some amazing bouts, as fans we appreciate that so much.