Christmas Carnage  

Kevin Campion took the reins for the final York Hall Goodwin Boxing show of 2016 and they looked to
go out with a bawng at York Hall; two Southern Area title bouts headlining an action packed card.

Shaquille Day vs Stanislav Nenkov, 4x3 - Welterweight
Undefeated Day is looking to extend his career to a fifth victory.  The left hook from Nenkov was the main weapon for Day to be wary of through the first, but Day did well in controlling from centre ring, nice footwork giving him space to work a classy jab and throwing uppercuts at angles.  Through the second, Day was able to do his best work on the inside as Nenkov was struggling to handle the classier boxing.  As the round came to a close though a familiar left hook from Nenkov caught Day well and sent him stumbling back into the ropes.  Nenkov jumped on him but the bell was sounded to stop the opportunity.
The third round and again the left hook worked well for Nenkov as he landed stiffly to open proceedings, Day perhaps still dazed from the end of the last round.  He stayed in his shell trough the round, wary of getting caught by the powerful hook.  Nenkov opened the fourth looking to go to war, the gloves clapping together as they came out.  A nice exchange in centre ring sees Day land a right uppercut and Nenkov again land the hook.  The two mixed well for the rest of the round without doing any damage to the other. 
Referee Reece Carter scored the bout 39-37 in favour of Shaquille Day, not his best performance in a ring but his undefeated journey goes on.
Sohail Ahmad vs Silvije Kebet, 4x3 - Welterweight
Kebet opened well, two left hands landing clean to the Ahmad chin, Ahmad then landed on the canvas when leaping into range, rules a no knockdown.  Ahmad looked to lead with the left hook into range, Kebet often being out of the way.  Ahmad showed nice upper body movement, ducking under the Kebet attacks.  A solid right hand from Ahmad countered Kebet in the second, but neither dominated the round.  Another good counter right from Ahmad but Kebet took it well.  
In the third round Ahmad started to gain more success, his right hand getting around the guard of Kebet.  It was one of a flurry of punches which caught Kebet clean in the corner, forcing him to take a knee.  He beat the count, but Ahmad smelled the blood (now coming from Kebet's nose) and jumped into range to force the referee to call a halt to the fight.
Referee Lee Every stopped the contest 2 minutes thirty seven into the third round
David Abraham vs Chris Healy, 4x3 - Heavyweight
Looking for the fifth win to start his professional career, 'Big' Dave Abraham comes out against southpaw Healy by throwing the jab well.  Healey showed a good slickness for a man of his size, evading shots well.  Little action through the first three minutes.  A lead left from Healy is the highlight of the early part of the second, but Abraham is able to get off a nice combination of five shots, teeing off on the Healy head.  The round came to a close with Abraham on top.  
Healy did better in the third, Abraham being caught on the ropes with some stiff shots as he looks to be tiring.  Nice uppercut though from Abrahham as the round comes to an end.  Healy controls Abraham off the ropes in the fourth landing consecutive straight lefts but he comes back well despite looking tired.  The fight ended with Healy pushing Abraham to the ropes in a fight that never caught fire.
Referee Martin Williams scored the bout 40-38 to David Abraham
Ricky Heavens vs Jacob Lucas, 4x3 - Middleweight
A strong straight counter left followed by a right from Lucas was the highlight of the early proceedings, a shot which seemingly made Heavens conscious of approaching too often.  In the second Heavens found his rhythm more, but was still struggling with the longer reach of Jacobs.  The third round passed quietly, neither having the advantage.  Jacobs continued to be awkward to close down and Heavens lacking the ability to keep him in range.  
the fourth was much of the same, neither committing to their attacks and throwing single shots at range.  
Referee Lee Every scores the bout 39-39 points all as the two embrace in the ring.
Nick Parpa vs Geoffrey Cave, 4x3 - Cruiserweight
Parpa is coming in with two wins inside the distance from two bouts while Cave I is making his debut.  The southpaw Cave struggled early on with the squat and powerful Parpa who looked to keep the distance short.  Nice hooks to the body from Parpa set up a powerful right hand that spun Cave around, Parpa capitalising and jumping in with heavy head shots as Cave jumped in with more heavy hooks as Cave hit the canvas.   
Referee Martin Willams stopped the bout at two minutes five seconds of round one.
Duane Sinclair vs Andy Neylon, 4x3 - Light Heavyweight
Sinclair, the man with the most questionable entrance in boxing, is looking to make it four wins from four bouts after claiming his first stoppage last time out.  Sinclair established his jab well through the first round as the experienced Neylon circled the ring, feeling out what Sinclair had to offer.  There were occasions where Sinclair was able to corner his opponent but they didn't last long enough to cause significant damage. 
In the second again the best work from Sinclair came when he was able to pin Neylon to the corner,  nice use of body hooks.  Neylon's highlight of the round came when two body shots dug in well, followed up by a strong jab and straight right that pierced the Sinclair jab.  
The third round was uneventful, neither man able to gain an upper hand.  In the fourth, Sinclair landed a nice lead right as Neylon fired back with a left, right combination that pushed Sinclair back as the bell rang.
Referee Lee Cook scored the bout 40-36 to Sinclair.
Joe Vaughan vs Nikolay Kolyandov, 4x3 - Super Welterweight
Vaughan worked sharply off the jab and left hook through the first round, Kolyandov happy to circle the ring and avoid engaging.  Kolyandov did get success  when he stepped in, Vaughan open wide to shots over the top of his left hand.  As he rushed into the space, Kolyandov caught a crushing right uppercut to the chin that caught Vaughhan flush and sent him straight to the canvas.  The bell rang during the count but Vaughan couldn't find his feet, stumbling on the canvas and the referee waved the action off.
Referee Lee Every stopped the bout three minutes and four seconds of round one for the winner Kolyandov.
Darrell Church vs Toni Bilic, 4x3 - Light Heavyweight
Church controlled the first round well, a clean uppercut giving I'm the confidence to go on the prowl.  A jab follows up, as he stalks into the corner and lands a flush right that has Bilic in trouble.  He holds on well though to see the round out.  Church is on top again through the second, controlling centre ring as Bilic looks to avoid the power.  A straight right on the ropes though catches Bilic but Church is unable to follow up before the bell rings.
The third is quiet, Chruch having the better of the action and clearly on top but unable to assert his dominance and turn it into sustained attacks.  By the fourth, Bilic is starting to fire back more often, a rare right hand finding a home on Church but it is limited, as Churrch goes back on the attack in the corner with a nice left, right combo to the head of Bilic before landing a splitting jab.  Complete control through to the end of the round, a left hook being the highlight of the closing moments.
Referee Reece Carter scored the bout 40-37 in favour of Church.
Todd Roberts vs Lukas Leskovic, 4x3 - Super Lightweight
Roberts is making his return to the ring here from a long break for health reasons.  He's met by a warm home reception tonight.  A stiff jab from Roberts opens proceedings and he carries a sharpness that suggests ring rust won't be a concern.  Good combinations, uppercut left hook land on Leskovic but he counters well with a quality left hook of his own that Roberts takes well.  The Roberts jab is strong, holding Leskovic at the range to allow his classier work. 
In the second Roberts again showed nice composure, happy take the back foot until it suited him, before exploding into attacks that Leskovic struggled with.  A nice right hook to the body from Roberts, before a lovely combination of left uppercut, left hook left jab all land cleanly.  Roberts also had a Rae chance to show off his defensive prowess, good upped body movement evading the attack of Leskovic to end the second round.
Leskovic started to have ore of his own success in the third, catching Roberts on the ropes with a nice combination as well as a clean right hand before following him to the ropes and working well.  Roberts covered, but a number of shots landed.In the fourth again Laskovic was able to find a home for his right hand on the Roberts chin, Roberts working well again from the back foot and looking to box at his range and tempo before Laskovic again caught him on the ropes to end an entertaining fight.
Referee Martin Williams scored the bout 39-38 to Todd Roberts who earned a deserved victory upon his return in a tough bout.
Brad Pauls vs Daniel Borisov, 4x3 - Super Middleweight
The ever popular Pauls makes his way out with customary helmet to the ring, looking to end the year extending his perfect record against his roughest test to date in Borisoov.  A quiet first round, Borisov able too close the distance whenever Pauls looked to unload combinations.  Pauls did land a solid left hook that lifted the crowd along with a nice straight right to the body.  
Pauls had control of the second round, Boriisov seemingly wary of the power.  A lovely left, right hook the head from Pauls and he follows up with a powerful right hook to the body as he starts to seek a stoppage here.  Borisov seems to have had the air deflated from the tyres as Pauls closes in and the effect of the heavy hands seats in.
Pauls continues to target the body through the third, setting up the onslaughts with heavy uppercuts.  The right to the body can't miss as Borisov starts to take a sustained beating and looks for ways to stop the onslaught by tying up his stronger opponent.  Borisov starts to beckon Pauls in during the fourth, but only uses the opportunity to tie up again. A lovely counter left to the body from Pauls as Borisov shows some rate attack.  Borisov starts to spoil in new ways, as well as holding on he is now going low enough to stop the action.  The referee warns Borisov for the holding as Pauls looks to find an early end to the fight with more solid body shots  but Borisov to his credit makes his way through the full, hard 12 minutes of action.
Referee Lee Evilry scores the bout 40-35 to undefeated  Pauls who moves onto 2017 with another win.
BOUT 11 
Jamie Arlain vs Andrew Joicey,  10x3 - Lightweight
In the rematch from their bout earlier this year in which Arlain won a tight points victory, the two are both well supported as they get introduced.  Southpaw Arlain circles the ring well, jabbing well to keep his shorter opponent at length.  Joicey look to get in close and make it a scrap but Arlain sticks to his boxing through the second.  On the occasions they stand and trade it is on Arlain's terms, uppercuts and hooks landing at ease on Joicey.  A lead left rocks Joicey's head back but he isn't put off his advances.  A huge right hand left hook from Arlain that Joicey walks onto as he stumbles across the ring and Arlain walks after him to rush the finish.  He Joicey is unable to defend himself as the shots rain in and the referee jumps in to stop the action.
Referee Reece Carter stopped the fight 2 minutes thirty seconds into the second round for the winner Andrew Joicey.
Jordan Joseph vs Eric Mokonzo, 8x3 - Light Heavyweight
Young and promising Joseph takes on the ever dangerous Mokonzo.  Joseph looks to use the long jab through the first, Mokonzo happy at distance and slipping shots in a non-event of a first round.  The second was more active, Joseph showing a good defence as Mokonzo threw a flurry early on but Joseph was able to block each.  The Joseph jab was finding more success, but neither was finding much success as Mokonzo was more pot-shotting a big right hand.  The third again was quiet but the fourth opened livelier, Mokonzo coming out on the attack but Joseph happily firing back.  Joseph saw out the round again displaying some slick defensive work.
The fifth started well for Joseph with a solid left hand to the chin, Mokonzo himself landing a right in return.  The referee stepped in to take a point off Mokonzo for holding which came as a bit of a surprise. Joseph seemed to do his best work when spurred on, a Mokonzo attack is turned around by Joseph who unloads in the corner but Mokonzo escapes and lands his best combination of the fight that ends on a straight right which Joseph takes well.
The sixth round is a more enjoyable affair, Mokonzo rocks Joseph with a number of heavy right hands but again the defence is slick and strong to stop the shots having too much effect.  Joseph has his own successes, but seemingly lacks the power to keep Mokonzo off of him through the round.
In the seventh Mokonzo looks to utilise his jab more, Joseph taking a few clean shots but landing his own in exchange but both men were visibly tiring.  In the final round a solid left hook from Mokonzo again fires Joseph into action as he goes into range and let's his hands go, including a nice right overhand.  Mokonzo has his own success with the same shot but Joseph is happy to come forwards again.  
Referee Martin Williams scores the fight 79-77 in favour of Jordan Joseph in a tough fight.
Ryan Crawford vs Karl Wheeler, 10x3 - Cruiserweight
The two start explosively, Crawford with a big right hand against the ropes which wheeler laughs off.  Wheeler returns the favour, working a nice jab and overhand right that Crawford smiles at.  The two don't have to look for each other throughout the round, Crawford trying to turn this into a war and Wheeler obliging at times against his corner's instructions.  In the second the two feel each other out slightly more, but a strong right uppercut in the centre of the ring from Wheeler ignites the two as Wheeler follows Crawford to the corner and unloads.  Crawford exchanges well and the two trade before separating.  A big left hook from Wheeler lands which again Crawford smiles at.  A big straight left from Crawford and the two stand and trade big shots as the bell rings.  Wheeler roars his way back to his corner.
In the third a solid lead right from Wheeler starts an exchange that he follows up with a straight right and a flurry of shots that sees Crawford fall between the ropes and take a count from the referee.  As he gets to his feet Crawford loses his gumshield before the two again trade in the corner.  A huge right hand lands from Wheeler on Crawford but he takes it well and the bell sounds as the two are throwing shots.
A big lead right from Crawford opens the fourth before Crawford pins him to the ropes but can't do any damage.  A nice straight right from Crawford but it doesn't faze Wheeler.   An explosive exchange instigated by a Crawford right hand as he works on Wheeler on the ropes - both men land heavy shots in a quality flurry.
The next round starts the same, neither men stepping backwards as Crawford lands a nice left hook to start unloading. On Wheeler.  The two exchange punches, no words in the middle of the ring before once again stepping in and trading in a toe to toe battle.  A lovely lead right uppercut from Wheeler lands and Crawford does well to take it as Wheeler ends the round on top.  The sixth starts at a slower pace as the e two take a bit more space, but it doesn't take long for the two to exchange left hooks.  A big left Wheeler hook dislodges the Crawford gumshield again.  Left hook, right uppercut, left hook land well from Wheeler and Crawford holds on but is looking tired.  Crawford comes in low and takes a Wheeler left hook and right uppercut that sent him to the canvas again.  He beats the count but Wheeler is quickly back onto him as Crawford struggles to cover up and the ref jumps in to end the fight with Crawford bravely still on his feet.
The referee Reece Carter stopped the action after 2 minutes and 41 seconds of round six for the winner Karl Wheeler
SOUTHERN AREA TITLE FIGHT: Jamie Speight vs Josh Kennedy, 10x3 - Featherweight
The opening is tentative, Kennedy throwing his jab out but rarely finding Speight, who for his part is happy in defensive mode and throwing shots occasionally from angles,  Speight twice does well to weave from the corner when trapped, but Kennedy does land a nice straight right to the body.  The second is more feeling out, Speight happy circling the ring and making Kennedy miss the jab.  The times it does land it is effective and Kennedy does well to pin Speight to the ropes and unload but the defence of the experienced Speight sees him wriggle out of danger.
In the third Kennedy again works the jab well, Speight covering well and firing at angles but he walks on to a straight right that puts him on the canvas.  He beats the count and gets up but Kennedy isn't hanging about as he pins Speight to the ropes and unloads a huge volume of punches that Speight is unable to fire back from and the referee jumps in between the two to stop the fight.
The referee Lee Cook stopped the bout at 1 minute 33 of the third round to the winner and the new Southern Area featherweight champion, Josh Kennedy
BOUT 15 
SOUTHERN AREA TITLE: Ben Day vs Michael Devine, 10x3 - Lightweight
The experienced Devine comes out the blocks quickly as he connects with two right hands to the chin of Day and looks to force the speed of the early action.  He takes Day to the ropes and lands a lovely left, right, left right hook combination but Day escapes and circles the ring.  Devine catches up with him and lands a flush right that Day takes well but winces as the round comes to an end.  
The second round starts with Devine again on top and a leaping right hand catches Day flush to the chin and sends him tumbling.  He beats the count but the referee doesn't believe he can carry on.
The referee Lee Cook stopped the bout at 1 minute 49 seconds of the second round to make Michael Devine the new Southern Area lightweight champion.
Richie Grey vs Martin Antos, 4x3 - Middleweight
Gray started well, jabbing to the body but Antos is looking to turn it into a fight in the pocket.  The first round sees Gray looking to assert his class while Antos continually looks to make life awkward.  Through the second the pace works the same Gray trying to keep the distance but Antos work his way into the space with his awkward, square on style.  
Grey starts stronger in the third and lands a great straight right that rocks the head of Antos back - Grey jumps onto him and pounds away with a strong flurry of shots.  The referee looks interested, but allows Grey to keep unloading as the referee finally jumps in.
The referee Lee Evelry stopped the bout at 2 minutes 40 seconds of the third round.
Referee Lee Every