Cam F Awesome

There are no characters in boxing, not like the old days.  That old cliche.  It's possibly fair to say that some of  the wit and charm of the fighters of old has been replaced by more trash talking that intelligence (although Ali managed to balance both) - but there is one man in America who is polishing the art of fine boxing and quick talking.  Oh.....and he has the coolest name in boxing.  Everyone, meet American amateur heavyweight Cam F Awesome.
"I decided to change my name during my rebirth that I dubbed my "after birth"- I think it has gotten me a lot of attention" says Cam.  "But I don't want to take away from being known for my boxing ability but who am I to snub the people of knowing the facts of my awesomeness? The people must know!"
The 'afterbirth' that Cam refers to is back to a darker time in his career, where the headlines he grabbed weren't for the name or the winning, but because he was unable to compete.  Missed drugs tests meant that he was unable to compete during the London Olympics in 2012.  How much of a setback was it for Cam?
"Only 4 YEARS OF MY LIFE!  Ha ha.  We can laugh about it now but it was a terrible time in my life. It did set me back 4 years. I often wonder how farther along in life I would have been if I had a chance to compete in those Olympics in the great land you call London. I don't believe everything happens for a reason. I believe things happen and optimistic people try to make the best of it."
It is a philosophical approach from the American.  But it's in the past now, and things are looking bright for the upbeat heavyweight.  Behind the headline grabbing name is some serious boxing talent.  4 times US champ, 3 times Golden Glove champ and gold medals at multiple championships around the world show that this is someone who can back up the talk.  Is he in a position now to add that coveted gold medal at the Olympics to the impressive array of medals?  "Does a bear kill mercilessly in the wood? Heck yes I am more than ready to add Olympic gold to that list! I have been dreaming of this for the last decade and I can almost taste it!"
Before that dream can become a reality there are still stages to overcome.  The Olympics is designed to feature only the best of the best within amateur boxing, meaning that a hard qualification process is in place.  "To get there, we have to either win the World Championships or return to America and win the Olympic Trials and qualify internationally to make it to the games.  It's a tough process but I'm sure I can do it."
Britain has it's own great hope heading to Rio 2016 - Joe Joyce.  Have the two crossed paths yet?  "I haven't fought Joe Joyce yet.  I am looking forward to crossing paths with him soon, hopefully at the Worlds" says Awesome.  The World Championships occur before Rio next year, so there is the possibility of meeting twice in a matter of months.  Unfortunately over in the UK we won't get to see Cam on these shores anytime soon - "I will be in Qatar for the Worlds but that's as close to you guys as I will be getting in the near future."
Away from the pressures of Olympic qualification Awesome has a particularly unique past time - stand up comedy.  However it is having to take a back seat while the boxing is in full flow.  "I am still performing stand up around the country.  Boxing has been terribly busy so I haven't booked many shows this month of last.  Boxing is top priority but filling our land of freedom with smiles and laughter is my favourite hobby."  
Cam has been know to merge the boxing and the comedy - one of his recent interviews shot him to international prominence after a semi final defeat that he felt justifiably hard done-by in.  The results - well, check for yourself on the video above.
There are other interviews of this ilk out there.  "I am going to me a 'best of' interview highlight reel" he tells me.  "Many of my interviews have hidden messages and subtle quotes that only some will catch on to.  I enjoy interviews, using wit and confusing people while entertaining them!"
His vivacious personality would be a welcome addition to the professional scene.  Back in 2009 during the national Golden Gloves tournament he beat a certain Bryant Jennings - a man who has gone on to challenge Wladimir Klitschko for the heavyweight title of the world.  So the credentials are firmly in place should the lively American ever decide to make the switch to professional boxing.  at 27 years of age now, he will be 28 by the time the Olympics are finished in 2016.  Does the lure of professional boxing appeal to Cam?
"It does tempt me to turn pro with the financial benefits but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't go to these Olympics. I owe it to myself, I owe it to CAMerica"
An Olympic gold would be a fitting way to end his amateur career.  Already full of accomplishments in the ring and becoming a renowned star out of it too, is there a final word from Cam?  Well, of course - and this one was a special mention as he wanted to throw in his affection for a certain individual..........

"Cam wanted to mention how much he loves Princess Maddie.  My niece brags about me being her uncle but none of the kids believe her because we have a different last name ! Also I want brownie points from her! She's 7 and the cutest thing in the world."
He may get the opportunity in Rio next year to add his unique eloquence to his 'best of' package for Maddie in front of the entire world.
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