Brawl In The Hall

The cards are coming thick and fast for Goodwin Boxing.  Just a week after their season opener, they're back in York Hall for the Josh Goodwin promoted 'Brawl in the Hall', a showcase for some of the upcoming talent that are building towards titles in 2019.

Sam Cantwell vs Georgi Andonov, 4x3 - Super Flyweight
Cantwell (6-1-1) is looking to continue his climb towards titles in only his fourth fight in three years.  Quiet opener between the two, Cantwell loading up on the left hand but not finding a home.  Second round though he finds success with the lead hand hooking hard to the body.  Andonov can't cover effectively and as Cantwell keeps looking for it.  He focuses on the shot and Andonov can't take more as he drops in the ropes, but the round ends and he just makes it back to his corner.

In the third, Andonov is wary of what Cantwell is offering and seems reluctant to throw.  Cantwell is having it all his own way, a lovely body hook followed by a solid uppercut sends the head back of Andonov.  Cantwell continues to throw at all angles while Andonov has had enough and covers, but the  referee has seen enough and halts proceedings.  

The referee Mark Baites stopped the fight at 2:53 of round three for the winner, Sam Cantwell. 
Jack Hughes vs Steve McGuire, 6x3 - Super Flyweight
On a four fight winning streak, Greenford’s Hughes (4-1-0) is looking for his first stoppage win against McGuire and has eyes on titles in 2019.  The two spend the first working out styles - the southpaw McGuire taking the back foot as Hughes looks to find range.  In the second Hughes lands a nice right hook that rocks the head of McGuire.

In the third, the referee has stern words with both.  McGuire goes for a walk and turns his back, which prompts Hughes to sprint over the ring and swing for him.  After the ticking off, both go back to their boxing, Hughes having the best of the end of the round.

The fourth round sparks to life as the two exchange on the ropes.  Hughes is then happy to sit back on the ropes and wait again, trying to set the attack up.  A good round for Hughes, McGuire happy to see the round end.  Lovely overhand right from Hughes to start the final round and looks to follow it up.  McGuire's corner an is telling his man to move away, but Hughes stalks him to finish the fight comprehensively on top as he has been all fight.

Referee Bob Williams scores the bout 60-54 in favour of Hughes.
Adi Burden vs Callum Ide, 4x3 - Light Heavyweight
Aylesbury’s Burden (7-0) is looking to make an impact here, the 23 year old keen to build on a promising career so far.  Burden dominates through the first two rounds, happy to try and keep the fight short.  The two are evenly matched for size, neither are keen to employ their lengthy arms for the jab.  

Burden in the third is dropping his hands to invite Ide in, shaking his head when caught. Burden is finding food success with the right hook to the body, pounding it but Ide takes it well.   Through the fourth Burden again let's the hands down as Ide ploughs he into the ropes, before the two stand and trade before ending up on the ropes again fighting at close quarters. 

Referee Marcus McDonald scores the bout 39-38 to the winner Adi Burden as the two embrace.
Sam Gilley vs William Warburton, 6x3 – Welterweight
Gilley (5-0) has been busy through 2018, this being his third outing of the year against the teak tough Warburton making his 176th appearance.  At six foot, Gilley is an impressive figure of a welterweight.
Gilley handles Warburton well in the first round, starting to mark the body, but Warburton is too savvy for the majority of the attacks, backing into the ropes and turning off.  Gilley continues getting success to the body in the second, but again Warburton proves hard to tag down, showing all the traits of a man with more than 100 fights to his name.

Through the fourth Warburton starts to show more ambition, letting Gilley know he is still in the fight.  Gilley controls the round well off the jab after surviving the Warburton attacks.

Warburton is back circling the ring for the final round, unwilling to engage with Gilley.  It's a shame that Warburton didn't turn up properly tonight, it felt that it was all one-way traffic for Gilley, who did a very thorough job without having to go through all his gears.
Referee Mark Baites scores the bouts 60-54 in favour of a dominant Gilley.

Eric Mokonzo vs Tzevetozar Iliev,  4x3 - Light Heavyweight
The ‘Kongo Warrior’ Mokonzo (2-8-0) is making a rare appearance in the home corner tonight as he looks to turn his career around.  Mokonzo is looking sharp, working the jab well and then stepping in behind it.  Left hooks to the body are working well, but Iliev is a solid man who take the shots well.  It is in the third where Iliev really starts to show ambition, standing toe-to-toe with Mokonzo, who starts to land to the head and Mark up Iliev's nose and left eye.

In the final round blood is flowing from the nose of Iliev, but he is still in the fight.  A big overhand right gets swung in but Mokonzo evades, just before Iliev spits his gumshield out for the second time in the fight and gets a telling off from the referee.  Mokonzo continues to land freely to the head of Iliev for the remainder of the round, as the blood flows and the winner is decisive.

Referee Bob Williams scores the bout 40-36 to winner Eric Mokonzo.

William Webber vs Lewis Van Poetsch, 4x3 - Super Middleweight
Another lad that is back on course in his career and still only 19 years old, Webber (2-1-0) is looking to keep building after his exciting win in May over Geraint Goodridge.  Southpaw Webber starts all, using the lead hand to measure distance from Van Poetsch, who is reluctant to throw and covers with a tight guard.  he lands a neat right hook of his own, but is marking around the left rib cage from the quality work of Webber.  

In the second, Webber again dominates the action with a high work rate and accurate shots.  He leads well with the hooks, as a cut develops above the left eye of Van Poetsch.  Webber eats a couple of left hooks on the end of exchanges as he leaves himself open but he takes them well.  

Van Poetsch starts to open up further in the third and fourth, the cut firmly under control.  Webber dominates with solid straight shots and the powerful hooks, but doesn't have Van Poetsch in trouble.

Referee Jim McDonnell scores the bout 40-36 in favour of Webber in a solid performance.
Mark Little vs Pawel Strykowski, 6x3 – Cruiserweight
Little (8-0) is building a reputation as a fun fighter to watch.  In his ninth bout here he needs to put on a solid display under the guidance of Paul Cook to start making a claim for a Southern Area title in 2019.  Nice first round for Little, using the longer jab to keep his opponent at length.  

The second and third pass with Little strongly on top, landing well with the lead uppercut when Strykowski walks in.  Some nice right hands by Little in the fourth connect but his opponent doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  

Final round, Little looks like he is trying out some different things in the ring, circling and boxing off the back foot.  Strykowski is failing to find gaps in the defence as Little sees out the fight comfortably.

Referee Bob Williams scores the bout 60-55 to Little, who keeps on his march towards titles.
Linus Udofia vs Konstantin Alexandov, 6x3 – Middleweight
A late, yet very welcome addition to the card, Udofia (9-0) comes off his fifth round stoppage of Eric Nwnkwo on the Joe Joyce card in June.  His fourth fight of 2018, the 25 year old from Luton is building a reputation as one of the most talented young fighters around his weight division in the south.  

Solid start from Udofia,  just finding the distance for his shots, slipping in and out of southpaw but not unloading heavily.  He shows great composure to step back from shots  that come back, taps away to the body to keep busy.  In the second round he starts to unload the power and Alexandrov wants little to do with him, happy to go backwards but Udofia is on top, measuring shots well, mixing in a good variety.  It is a right hand that seems to catch the top of Alexandrov's head that bring the fight to an end though, unable to answer the count and a decisive win for Udofia. 
Referee Mark Baites stopped the action at 2:38 of the second round in a hugely impressive win.  Titles next?  Hopefully.

John Harding Jnr vs Daniel Rashdan, 4x3 – Middleweight
A new trainer in Leon McKenzie and a new manager in Steve Goodwin, Harding Jr (5-0-1) may be having his third fight of the year, but it is a new beginning to see how the changes have affected him.

Harding controlled the first with a solid jab, Harding and Rashdan get down to it in the second. Blood is all over the face of Rashhdan, the nose opening up as Harding starts to land more frequently.  Rashdan knows the nose is damaged, so starts to open up exchanges.  The left eye of Harding opens up, as the two trade in a highly entertaining bout.

In the third, Harding is on top and really targeting the damaged nose.  Rashdan has his successes, but Harding clubs away up top and Rashdan seems to have had enough, as the referee steps between the two and calls off the action.

Referee Marcus McDonnell stopped the bout at 2:48 of round three.
Kofi Donker vs Ivan Godor, 4x3 – Lightweight
A debut for West Norwood’s Donker, an experienced amateur who twice reached the London ABA finals.
 An impressive debut performance by Donker, who shows a lot of energy and good shot selection throughout the four rounds.  He looks for a stoppage throughout the fight, overloading at time but always in control of the fight.  Godor is thoroughly outclassed, Donker having the fight all his own way and being in total control. 

Referee Bob Williams 39-37

Angelo Belivacqua vs Naheem Chaudhry, 4x3 - Super Lightweight
A mixed start to the career for Belivacqua, one win and one loss, the Italian makes his second appearance at York Hall against Chaudry, who is still looking for his first career win after 25 bouts.  To his credit, he has seen the final bell in each of them.

Belivacqua is sharp out of the blocks.  Heavy body shots in the opening round, working well off the ropes and picking through the Chaudry defence.  A bit of show boating brings the crowd to their feet.   Chaudry starts the second trying to push Belivacqua back to the ropes.  Belivacqua spins off though and is quickly in control of the fight, some nice hooks to the body and uppercuts penetrating the defence.   

In the third and fourth Belivacqua handles Chaudry easily; on the rare occasion Chaudry catches Belivacqua, he laughs the shots off and gives more for the fans to cheer.

Referee Mark Baites scores the 40-36
Idris Hill vs Lukas Leskovic, 6x3 - Super Lightweight
‘Id’ Hill loves a tear up.  The 33 year old from Essex rarely disappoints, 6-2-2 in his career, he always manages an exciting fight regardless of the opponent.  

Solid first round from Hill, who spends the three minutes hunting.  The second passes without much action, but in the third round Lesskovic starts to liven up and lands some solid shots on Hill, who takes them well.  The two have some very entertaining exchanges.  Couple of big left hooks from Laskovic to start the fourth, but it ignites Hiill, who in turn lands his own big right hands.  Big overhand right from Hill seems to stiffen up Leskovic as the bell goes for the end of the round.
In the sixth and final round both lads are still fresh enough to put on a show for the engaged crowd, standing in the pocket and working body shots, uppercuts.  When they step back, Hill dominates, but is happy to make it a war.

Referee Marcus McDonnell scores the bout 60-55 to the victorious Hill.
Adrian Martin vs Andrej Morvek, 6x3 - Super Welterweight
Another lad looking to add more stoppages to an impressive start to his career, Martin (8-0) has his work cut out tonight against Grannum, a man who has not been stopped in 35 fights.  

Entertaining first round, Martin showing the better technical work but he is susceptible to Morrvek throwing counters on the end of exchanges.  The second, again Martin has his troubles as Morvek starts to find more success, catching Martin often.  

Through the third round Martin starts to pick his shots more, finding success with the jab and keeping his man at distance.  It is the fourth though where he starts to assert himself, getting the better of exchange and dictating the pace.  In the fifth and sixth Martin has the upper hand, starting to sit on his shots more and seeing the fight through.

Referee Bob Williams scored 58-56 Adrian Martin
Martin Foru vs Atilla Tibor Nagy, 4x3 - Super Middleweight
Trained by Daley Perales, debutant Foru is looking to excite at York Hall on his debut.  A model outside of the ring, we shall see if the cat walk footwork translates to the ring.  A massive welcome for Foru, who gives the crowd an immediate reason to be excited.  Left hook, right hand follow up a body shot that sends Nagy to the canvas early on.  He gets up, but Foru is straight back into the rhythm.  He shows impressive composure, not rushing to finish his man but placing effective heavy shots.  After a strong flurry, a right hook to the body sends Nagy to the canvas, where he isn't able to return from before the ten count.

Referee Mark Baites stops the fight at 2:46 of the first round to end a hugely impressive debut for Foru.

There were two further bouts, Chris Davies vs Daryl Sharp and Prince Brady vs Georgi Georgiev, but unfortunately due to logistics I was unable to view these.