Back of The Net

The Steve Goodwin promoted Back of The Net came at us from York Hall on Saturday 11th November, headlined by an English Title fight with a quality card underneath:

BOUT 1: Billy Morgan vs Nathan Hardy (4x3 - Welterweight)
Tentative start to the action, each weighing up the other with their jabs, feeling their way into the fight. Morgan's fans were making the notice in a packed venue, but he suffered an early it above the left eye from an accidental head clash. Hardy looked to gain confidence from the cut and landed a flush right over the top, seeing Morgan's legs wobble on the ropes. Hardy looked confident, backing Morgan to the ropes and stalking him around the ring. Beardy ended the round in the ascendancy.

Morgan had regrouped going into the second, working well off the ropes and looking to counter. A good left hook to the body but he soon ate a right to the chin in return, along with a right uppercut. Some good defensive head work when against the ropes from Morgan was getting him out of trouble from the oncoming Hardy, but you felt Hardy again had the better round.

Morgan opened the third with a straight right, possibly having had a talking to by Trainer Mark Tibbs. The two exchanged jabs before Morgan ended well on a strong straight left. Morgan opened a nice gap through throwing a flurry of jabs, a gap he exploited with a straight right, before going back to the ropes and landing a solid counter right to the chin of Hardy. A better round for Morgan.

Hardy started the fourth on fire, coming out with aggression to the ropes before setting his feet and landing a right hook to the head, followed to the body. The two threw some wild shots mid round, both only hitting air. Hardy landed a solid counter right that Morgan took well, before he walked onto a big right from Hardy as the round ended.

The referee Marcus McDonald scores the fight 38-38 in a result possibly harsh on Hardy.

BOUT 2: Curtis Felix vs Jack Green (4x3 - Welterweight)
Debutant Felix is taking on the always ready Green. The two start slowly, the first real engagement seeing Felix close the distance and fire off, but Green isn't shy in letting his hands go. Green though is caught on the ropes and eats a big uppercut that sends him to the canvas. He's up, but Felix sees a chance for a stoppage. He steps in and puts the pressure on Green who struggles back before taking a knee. Up late, the referee allows it to carry on but Felix has too much for his man here and the referee jumps in to end this early.

The referee Bob Williams stops this fight 2 minutes and 32 seconds of round one for the winner, Curtis Felix.

BOUT 3: Abraham Horner vs Aleksandar Chukaleyski (6x3 - Welterweight)
Horner starts confidently, using his long jab to good effect and landing a nice counter right.The upper body of Horner is always on the move, jerking about and hard to find for Chukaleyski. The single shots of Horner continued to keep him on top in the round without ever being really dominant. A nice uppercut at the start of the second by Horner and a good straight right but it doesn't have a huge impact. Again, the shots come in singles when some combinations from Horner would be nice to see.

A quality left hook to the body by Horner opens the third round as he has his opponent on the ropes, then he follows him across the ring to land a good left. Chukaleyski is offering nothing in return as Horner has it all his own way, but he doesn't take the chance to step through the gears and attack as he cruises through the end of the round. Horner lands a good left uppercut at the start of the fourth round, rocking the head of Chukaleyski back before taking his man to the ropes before being held.

Chukaleyski was a punch bag on legs for the fifth round, Horner teeing off from all angles with all shots, the aggression picking up. The referee watched closely before jumping in to stop the Horner attack.

The referee Marcus McDonald stopped the fight 1 minute 31 seconds of the fifth round as Chukaleyski was deemed unable to continue.

BOUT 4: Jack Hughes vs Sergey Tasimov (4x3 - Flyweight)
The debut for Hughes here, a brave look as he comes out with dyed red hair to the ring. the first clean punch came from Tasimov, a nice right hand. But Hughes landed well himself to send Tasimov stumbling backwards and he somehow kept his footing. Hughes looked to invite his opponent onto him for the counters but was showing signs of nerves and catching a far few shots on the chin. Neither could assert their dominance on the first round to be in control. Tasimov started the stronger of the two in the second, Hughes looking to throw big rights but not landing.

Tasimov had the better of the third round, controlling the space well and working his jab on Hughed. Highes started the fourth better, controlling the early exchanges. A nice overhand right from Tasimov was landed but he couldn't follow up, but soon landed again with the same shot as Hughes struggled to defend the chin.

The referee Bob Williams scored the bout 40-37 to Sergey Tasimov.

BOUT 5: Adi Burden vs Ricky Alan (4x3 - Light Heavyweight)
Burden out for his second pro bout having stopped his first opponent while Alan makes his debut. Burden started the round looking for his left hook but unable to find a home for it. Alan was comfortable behind his jab but the action failed to take off. Alan landed a nice jab, straight right hand combination that sent Burden backwards. The rounded without the fight really taking off.

In the second whenever Burden looked to close the gap Alan was quick to tie up. Again though the round ended without the two ever gelling well. The third was again uneventful as the two were reluctant to let their hands go, the jab of Burden being the shot finding the most success.

The final round and Burden looked to start with more aggression as he threw the left hand more but was showing signs of frustration. Alan, was quick to shut the distance when Burden showed signs of attack, making life difficult for Burden. The bell rang on a fight that never quite took fire.

The referee Ian John-Lewis scored the bout 40-36 to the winner Adi Burden.

BOUT 6: Dwayne Jones Grant vs Richard Harrison (4x3 - Light Heavyweight)
Debutant Grant gets a good ovation against the tough Harrison, a man familiar to York Hall. Harrison showed all his awkwardness early on, covering well and being out of range for the oncoming Grant. Harrison opened up a nice combination on Grant, but Grant went back to controlling from his long jab. Harrison took a tumble early in the second, deemed a trip as he fell to the floor. Grant still showed his class in being able to keep Harrison at length, but Harrison was still getting his own success when he managed to get inside of the long jab of Grant. A straight right from Grant was absorbed on the Harrison chin, a theme of Grant having the upper hand.

Harrison worked Grant in a neutral corner with little damage, Grant coming back out throwing his own higher quality punches as Harrison gets told off by his corner for being too static. The round ended as it begun, with Grant having a firm control but not asserting his dominance fully. The fourth was more of the same, the tough Harrison taking punishment from Grant but doing just enough to keep himself in the fight. The end bell sounded as Harrison was having his best spell in the fight, a nice uppercut and left hook combination.

The referee Bob Williams scored the bout 40-36 to Grant who can be happy with his debut performance.

BOUT 7: Ollie Pattison vs Jimmy White (4x3 - Light Heavyweight)
Pattison looks to continue the unbeaten start to his professional career and claim his first stoppage here with a large height advantage. White starts on the front foot, Pattison working well off the jab and throwing the backhand well from behind it. A solid left hook from Pattison starts a nice combination as he throws the uppercut and returns to the left hook but White isn't concerned. Pattison was able to dominate the remainder of the first stanza, keeping White at good distance throughout.

White held a tight guard to start the second, hands up by his ears which Pattison struggled to break through. Pattison would have done well to throw more shots an angles and try to get around the arms of White, the hooks he did throw finding a home on the White body. White started to get his own success in the third, left, right hooks to the body landing well. Pattison went more onto the back foot and started to get more joy with his uppercuts. A big winging left hook only found air but was thrown with intent. Pattison went back to the jab but again was still struggling to get through the gloves of White. A solid left counter hook by Pattison was the highlight at the end of the round. The fourth saw the two start to exchange more freely, the Pattison right hand being the dominant punch as he controlled the closing stages.

The referee Marcus McDonnell scores the bout 40-36 in favour of Pattison who moves to 5-0.

BOUT 8: ENGLISH TITLE ELIMINATOR Freddy Kiwitt vs Akeem Ennis Brown (10x3 - Super Lightweight)
Huge, huge ovation for Brown as he is accompanied by a rapper to the ring. Kiwitt himself is backed by a quality support as the two square off. Brown is awkward from the off with his southpaw stance and hands down approach, clearly trusting his reactions here. Kiwitt struggles to get inside the long jab of Brown who is up on his toes and happy circling. A nice jab, straight left from Brown, before Kiwitt lands a flush right hand to the chin of Brown who takes it well.

Kiwitt is relying on explosive attacks in the second, jumping into attacks. Brown is calmer, picking off Kiwitt in his attacks, typified by a lovely jab, backhand combination that catches Kiwitt straight. Numerous times Kiwitt leaps into the space to find Brown counters before he spins off at angles and waving Kiwitt reaching for nothing. Brown started the third happier to stand and trade in the pocket before again making life difficult and going on the move. A nice looping left from Kiwitt lands, but he is again left to launch into attacks as Brown keeps the fight at distance.

In the fourth the two exchange in centre of the ring and Kiwitt gets caught by a straight left by Brown, sending him straight to the canvas. He gets up but looks shaky, Brown comes after him in flurries but unable to land with power. Kiwitt stumbles, looking tired as Brown moves in again. Kiwitt isn't finished though and pins Brown to the corner landing some nice shots. Brown pivots out and Kiwitt follows, landing a big right hand but Brown takes it well and the bell goes.

Brown starts the fifth with the long jab, happy to keep Kiwitt at bay. The two don't mesh well in the round, Kiwitt pot shotting more and Brown being happy to make him miss. Kiwitt starts far more aggressively in the sixth, peppering Kiwitt with lefts and straight rights that get covered well. He works the body in combinations before again working off at angles and making himself out of range. A good left hook from Kiwitt ends the round.

Brown is on top starting the seventh, lovely uppercut, hooks combinations as he throws in the backhand too Kiwitt doesn't have an answer for his awkward opponent. Kiwitt is looking the more tired of the two, the explosive attacks replaced by a slower approach to get into the firing range. An uppercut by Brown greets him as Kiwitt's head gets thrown back.

Kiwitt comes out in the eighth looking like his corner have told him a stoppage is needed. A big right hand lands on the Brown jaw and he stumbles back but Kiwitt can't get in quick enough to follow up. He lands a left hook on the ropes as Brown tried to make space between the two. Kiwitt takes to the back foot on the ropes, trying to sucker Brown in, but he isn't obliging.

A solid left hook from Kiwitt in the ninth is an early highlight, the two seemingly showing the pace of the fight. Brown is incessant with the jab though, keeping it in Kiwitt's face throughout. A good left hand from Brown shows Kiwitt is struggling with stamina as the fight hits the last round. Kiwitt has none of the explosive power he shows at the start, Brown still happy to take his time and pick him off when he comes in, using the uppercut with great success. The Kiwitt corner were telling their man to circle as he lands a huge overhand right but again Brown takes it well. Brown is able to see the round out with his always awkward style.

The referee Ian John Lewis scored the bout 96-93 to the winner Rakeem Ennis Brown.

BOUT 9: Nick Parpa vs Mario Lakatos (4x3 - Cruiserweight)
Parpa comes out adorned in Spartan helmet, needs to make an impression with that thing on. He starts well, solid jab and lands an early right to the body. The big muscular frame of Parpa stalks Lakatos around the ring, closing distance on the ropes and he left hook to the body drops his opponent. He gets to his feet at eight but Parpa wants more, straight back on the offensive and the Lakatos gumshield gets displaces for the second time to the annoyance of the referee. Lakatos ends up on the canvas but the referee rules it a slip as the bell rings.

Lakatos ends up on his second home the canvas, early in the second. This time the ref rules a throw. Shortly after and the Lakatos gumshield is again going for a visit to the floor in what is becoming a farce. His corner throw the towel in, perhaps embarrassed by what their fighter is doing as Parpa is completely dominant here.

The referee Lee Evilry stopped the fight after 1 minute 5 seconds of the second round for winner Nic Parpa in an impressive display.

BOUT 10: Lee Spencer vs Liam Griffiths (4x3 - Middleweight)
Debut here for Spencer, a man who brings a very impressive following with him. The short and squat Spencer struggled to get inside the longer arms of Griffiths, but when he did was able to land a solid uppercut. He took his time well, showing good composure for a first bout, although the workrate could have been better. Griffiths was trying to keep the fight at range, tying up when the two did come together. The second was uneventful, Griffiths tying up at every opportunity. Spencer opened the third with a nice straight right that caught cleanly. As the round progressed Griffiths landed nice body combinations, doing less spoiling than the earlier rounds. A big left counter hook by Spender bounced off the head of Griffiths as he looked to load up on his punches.

The big Spencer crowd got behind their man for the final round of a close fight. A nice left hook to the body opened the round to give them more to cheers, but Griffiths over powered his man to drive him into the ropes. Spencer stalked him with intent, but a huge left hook from Griffiths was landed to put him off his approaches. Griffiths controlled the closing of the round, Spencer seemingly feeling the pace of his debut fight.

The referee Ian John Lewis scored the fight 40-36 to the winner Liam Griffiths.

BOUT 11: VACANT COMMONWEALTH BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Matthew Chanda vs Duke Micah (12x3 - Bantamweight)
Ghanaian wrecking ball Micah is looking to back up the unbeaten and impressive start to his career here against also unbeaten Chanda from London who receives a deafening reception. A chant of "Chanda, Chanda" goes up around York Hall, the two size each other up early on. Chanda has a high guard, obviously conscious of the record of Micah, but he takes his opportunities to pressure and pepper Micah with shots against the ropes.

The second has Chanda working his way into range, doing some nice work on the ropes to Micah but Micah has a powerful weapon in that right uppercut. Micah starts to open up more, looking for the looping hooks but not quite getting the success with the shots.

The third is electrifying, spiteful shots from Micah but the workrate from Chanda meaning the Micah work is stifled. Chanda unloads plenty of shots on the ropes, but Micah always seems to end the exchanges with hard rights. It's a quality vs quantity matchup. Micah slips as the round ends, Chanda tries to get in and capitalise but there isn't enough time.

Huge right by Micah and Chanda takes it well, Micah comes in range and Changa throws him to the canvas getting a warning from the referee in the process. This has exploded as the two step it up a gear. Micah still hits with spiteful shots, Chanda throwing even quicker combinations in range. Nice double right hand from Micah over the Chanda guard and a left hook, but Chanda doesn't seem fazed, he keeps closing down the space and is willing to exchange in the pocket. Nice right uppercut from Micah and an overhand right bring the round to a close.

The fifth starts in a familiar fashion, Chanda working Micah to the ropes while Micah is happy to look for counters in the gaps. They go centre ring and exchange again, a big right hand from Chanda is his best punch of the fight so far. Micah doesn't move though and they stand throwing again, neither man willing to take a break in the action. In the sixth the workhorse Chanda keeps up his workrate and doesn't allow Micah to do his best boxing from the outside. Micah looks dangerous with his arching right hand, but Chanda has shown no signs of taking it yet. He does eat a solid jab, but it doesn't put him off coming forward to end the round.

Chanda does brilliantly in the seventh, pinning Micah to the corner and unloading a huge volume of shots. It's difficult to work out what lands cleanly or not but his gameplan is paying off, smothering any of Micah's work with his speed. In the eighth Micah is getting more space, the Chanda slowing the pace slightly. When Micah looks for his big right hand over the top the slick Chanda footwork gets him out of danger. As the round ends Chanda is back to high workrate and stopping the cleaner shots of Micah by out working him.

In the ninth Micah started to look the more comfortable, Chanda slowing his work from the previous rounds. It meant Micah had the space to start landing some solid jabs and a nice right to the body. Double right uppercut from Chanda on the ropes ended the round as the two are somehow still keeping up a ferocious pace. the tenth, Chanda was back to his workrate again, handling Micah on the ropes. Micah was throwing his own in return, finding the gaps in the offence of Chanda but still the volume from Chanda made life difficult for Micah. The round ended with Chanda on top in the corner, throwing countless punches.

Micah came out more aggressive in the eleventh, throwing shots at angles he hadn't used in other rounds. Left body hooks came in to try and bring the Chanda guard down. Chanda started to show the signs of such a hard fight, struggling to keep up with the high intensity of Micah.

In the final round Micah again came out more aggressive and showing skills he should have utilised earlier. The slower work from Chanda now perhaps allowing Micah the space to throw them. Quality uppercut and counter overhand from Micah, but Chanda was having none of it and went to the corner to unload again and somehow find the energy to keep throwing . Micah was happy to exchange and the pair brought York Hall to their feet as the bell rang.

Judge Ian John Lewis scored the fight: 115-113 to Matthew Chanda
Judge Dave Paris Scored the fight: 116-112 to Duke Micah
Judge Marcus McDonnell Scored the fight to Duke Micah 116-113
The winner by split decision and new commonwealth bantamweight champion is Duke Micah

BOUT 12: ENGLISH TITLE FIGHT: Jahmaine Smyle vs Leon Mckenzie (10x3 - Super Middleweight)
Smyle starts with a smart jab, keeping McKenzie going backwards as McKenzie gets to grips with Smyle who looks a naturally bigger man. Out of the southpaw stance McKenzie jabs well himself, Smyle lands a nice left to the body but the two see the round out without exchanging in the pocket.

Lead left from McKenzie opens the second round before Smyle gets launched into the ropes on his knees, the referee not ruling a knock down. Good counter left by McKenzie against the ropes as he falls through the middle rope and the referee scores it a knockdown - didn't look it to me. The two then throw bombs at each other centre ring, Smyle gets sent rocking back but McKenzie can't capitalise. In the third the two settle back down again, looking to establish their jabs again. McKenzie looks unwilling to step into the space and exchange with Smyle. In the fourth again the two were reluctant to step into each other's space, instead happy to work at range. McKenzie's jab started to find a home more often, a lead left catching Smyle nicely to end the round.

In the fifth McKenzie lands a good left to open but Smyle takes him to the ropes and starts to unload a flurry. McKenzie looks in trouble, but fires back a huge left hand that sends Smyle to the middle of the ring. A nice double right from Smyle lands but McKenzie doesn't budge.

In the sixth again McKenzie opens with the lead left and connects, Smyle looks to work the jab but finds McKenzie out of range. The left from McKenzie is used sparingly but effectively, Smyle looks for the big right and lands one on the ropes.

Smyle starts the aggressor in the seventh, coming out and looking to put pressure on. McKenzie does well to absorb it and uses nice footwork to evade. the Smyle left eye is selling, McKenzie is marked to under the left eye himself. A nice counter left by McKenzie, who starts to target the eye more and more of Smyle who must be struggling for vision.

Eighth round, McKenzie's plan is clear here; jab the closing eye. Smyle has success against the ropes but McKenzie is swift in defence and evades. A good lead left from McKenzie but Smyle fires straight back with a big right hand that is taken well. McKenzie finished strongly with four jabs pawing away at the Smyle eye.

Big left counter from McKenzie at the start of the ninth as Smyle comes swinging in, but as the two go centre ring Smyle lands three big straight rights to the McKenzie cin. Both men take the shots well, but McKenzie with a big right again targeting that eye. the referee takes a look at the eye of Smyle but allows this to carry on. Good jabs by Smyle pushing McKenzie back but McKenzie wisely again goes back to the jab, looking to further damage the eye.

The final round and McKenzie is looking to loop the right hand over but Smyle is too clever. The two stand and trade in the pocket, neither clearly getting the advantage. McKenzie looks the more tired to the two but flurries late on and Smyle holds. The two men show phenomenal strength and stamina to see through the final bell.

Judge Ian John Lewis scores the fight 95-94 Smyle
Judge Dave Paris Scores the fight 97-92 McKenzie
Judge Bob Williams scored the fight 96-94 Smyle
Winner by split decision and still English super middleweight champion, Jahmaine Smyle

BOUT 13: Max Lovell vs Dan Blackwell (6x3 - Super Middleweight)
Young Lovell looks to keep his unbeaten career going against the man renowned for his roughness, Dan Blackwell. Lovell started with the jab, touching up Blackwell around his tight guard. Some nice hooks come in, body and head showing good variation from Lovell. A swinging right from Blackwell is wide of the mark and Lovell goes back to throwing some nice combinations.

In the second Blackwell starts to get more success with his jab but Lovell is on top of the right, working his man around the ring and being able to unload combinations out of range. Big right hand from Blackwell swings and misses to start the third, Lovell displays some nice angles through the round and being able to rotate off once he does his own work. Blackwell though is a man who doesn't get hurt, constantly walking Lovell down and happy to absorb shots in the process.

The fourth carries on with the same pace, Lovell doing the classier work but Blackwell able to take the shots and offer his own office. A big right by Blackwell ends the round that seemingly has Lovell on shaky legs. Blackwell carried on stalking in the fifth, making Lovell circle the ring. A nice left hook, right uppercut combination from Blackwell but Lovell gets back to circling and working at range. The pattern carried on through to the end.

The referee Bob Williams scored the fight 60-54 to Max Lovell