1. World Boxing Super Series
    09 Mar, 2017
    World Boxing Super Series
    Analysing the potential of the World Boxing Super Series
  2. If Boxing Was Banned From Society
    29 Mar, 2016
    If Boxing Was Banned From Society
    If society started again tomorrow, would boxing be a part of it?
  3. Diary of a White Collar Boxer
    28 Feb, 2016
    Diary of a White Collar Boxer
    Diary of a White Collar Boxer White Collar Boxing is becoming an ever growing way of increasing participation of people with no boxing experience into the sport.  Eight weeks training then step between the ropes against a similarly matched opponent.  Sounds simple, right?  Well I've just finished week two of training to take part in the Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) event in Milton Keynes, fight night still seems ages away on April 10th.  No doubt the calendar will quickly roll around.
  4. Breaking Down The WBA Heavyweight Tournament
    19 Jan, 2016
    Breaking Down The WBA Heavyweight Tournament
    What is it? This week the head of the WBA (World Boxing Association), Gilberto Mendoza, announced that his governing body will be holding a tournament to crown its heavyweight champion. The WBA have come under both criticism and scrutiny from boxing fans of late for their propensity to have multiple champions within each weight division. As if having different governing bodies (WBA, IBF, WBO, WBA) wasn't confusing enough for boxing fans, the WBA have historically (recently) had their own tiers
  5. Explaining Away the Titles
    16 Jul, 2015
    Explaining Away the Titles
    Ever wondered what all the titles mean? We try and explain it for you
  6. The Right Time to Leave
    14 Jul, 2015
    The Right Time to Leave
    A comprehensive look back at the best of Carl Froch as we wish him well in retirement
  7. Catchweights - What and Why?
    08 Jul, 2015
    Catchweights - What and Why?
    Catchweights seem to be a huge talking point right now.  Over the last couple of months we have seen 3 high profile fights take place outside of the standard weight limits – Miguel Cotto vs Daniel Geale, Andre Ward vs Paul Smith & Shawn Porter vs Adrien Broner.   Historically catchweights were used to allow two fighters in different weight classes to 'meet in the middle', offering no advantage to either fighter.  But of the 3 listed above, all of the fighters have fought in each others
  8. Lonsdale belt
    30 Jun, 2015
    Robert Smith - British Boxing Board of Control
    Robert Smith of the BBBoC gives us 10 minutes of his time
  9. Top 10 British Propsects for Next Season
    29 Jun, 2015
    Top 10 British Propsects for Next Season
    Boxing in the UK traditionally takes a month off during the month of August.  Fighters recuperate, promoters get their shows lined up and fans try and get their fix overseas.  So as the off season approaches, we take a look at the top prospects for next season.  The criteria we have applied is that they can't have fought for a world title and must have had under 20 fights.  Otherwise, they're all fair game!  Soh, here goes (in no particular order).... 1.  Anthony Joshua (13-0-0) He was always
  10. What is a.......Purse Bid
    28 Jun, 2015
    What is a.......Purse Bid
    What is a purse bid? On the face of it, you would think of an eBay auction to purchase women's accessories. However in the world of boxing it becomes more complex....yet is staggeringly simple. Purse bids are in the news this week because of the high profile heavyweight title fight to take place this autumn between Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury. Fury has become the mandatory challenger to Klitschko for two of the three belts he holds (IBF, WBO & WBA). A champion is allowed a voluntary
  11. Goodwin Promotions
    24 Jun, 2015
    Goodwin Promotions - Growing in the UK
    Steve Goodwin started at the bottom - Goodwin Promotions are on the up
  12. White Collar Boxing
    23 Jun, 2015
    The Resurrection of White Collar Boxing
    White Collar Boxing is hitting the UK - Hard
  13. Sky Sports
    23 Jun, 2015
    Sky's Boxing Coverage - Good or Bad?
    Are Sky Sports doing boxing a disservice?
  14. Tyson Fury
    23 Jun, 2015
    Tyson Fury - Future Heavyweight Champ?
    Can Tyson Fury go on to unify?
  15. Mandatory challengers
    23 Jun, 2015
    Unify the Mandatories?
    How often as boxing fans do we hear a fight scheduled as an 'Eliminator' or 'Final Eliminator'?  How many times do the winners then go on to fight the champion in their next fight?
  16. British titles
    23 Jun, 2015
    Where are the British Titles?
    What has happened to the British titles?

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