A1 Fight Gear - Product Test

Let's be quite clear from the start - A1 Fight Gear make some lovely looking equipment.  Many will take notice of the feel, some will take notice of the details, but all will take notice of the aesthetics.  Out of the box, the two sets of gloves I have trialled are visually pleasing.  OK, that may not stop your hand breaking in sparring or when hitting the bag, but for many the look of the glove is equally important to the performance.  


The grey and black velcro gloves have a strong piping down the sides, which supported the wrist well.  I have only used these on the heavy bag, and using a particularly heavy bag with very little 'give', it is important to me that I have gloves that perform the same.  The hand felt well secured, with the thumb firm into the fist without having to grip too tightly.  

Having recently (self inflicted-ly) damaged a knuckly on my left hand, I was conscious of going too hard on the bag.  I also (poor practice) don't always wrap my hands with anything when playing on the bag, so was happy to go easier, concerned to further damage.  However I was pleased that after doing a solid six rounds there was no flare up of the problem.  In fact, I was able to up the workrate throughout and the intensity, without doing further damage to the hand (which I actually forgot about until taking the gloves off!).  This is a testament to the padding, which with these 16 oz gloves is nicely spread throughout and seems to mould well to the hand

My wrists often suffer from hitting the bag, especially when loading up on right hands from an orthodox position.  Happy to say that after numerous times now of using these, there has been no inflamation of damage - again, the piping down the sides is a big help.  The strapping around the velcro is nice and thick, no doubt helping to absorb some of the punishment on the body, and there is very little movement on impact which again, is a huge benefit if you're blessed with glass wrists!!

​The padding on the knuckles moulded quickly to the shape of the hand, which gave a comfortable experience without being too soft.  I'm sure there's a technical specification behind the creation of the glove to explain it, but it's beyong me explanation! 

Price range:  

At £55 a pair these are ideal for anyone wanting to take their boxing more seriously without wishing to invest at the very deep end of the market.  Far more robust and sturdy than the entry level gloves in some sports shops, these have a feel of a more expensive range but without the damage to the waller.  The fact I could let my right hand go with power and not feel the repercussions during or afterwards was testament to the quality of the build.  This range can be purchased from the A1 Fight Gear online shop:

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Lace up gloves I use as somewhat of a 'treat' - in reality, I don't put myself through the lacing process to hit a bag (nor do I have the dexterity to do it on my own).  So when a sparring opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to wrap the hands and do up the laces.  First impressions were that these are legitimate gloves; once tied, your hands didn't just feel secure, they felt safe. 

​The general padding and feel around the knuckles mirrored that of the velcro gloves, but there is an even stronger piping down the sides in these that meant you didn't have to worry about the wrist impacting or bending, they felt secured from the start. 

​If I were to pick the smallest of faults, the laces were slightly longer than anticipated (perhaps because I like them tied particularly tightly) which meant the odd flailing end - nothing however that a pair of scissors and a roll of selotape won't fix in time (and it won't be the first time I have taken that approach to a pair of gloves!)

Price range:  ​Again, these felt like a pair of gloves that would come out of the higher echelons of the boxing market but are available at a very reasonable £55.  Ideal for anyone that is looking for a pair of comfortable, sturdy and reliable gloves for sparring and available from the A1 Fight Gear shop here:


​Another welcome addition to the range are the A1 OdoClear Bags.  As anyone that has worn the same pair of gloves for a period of months can attest, the sweat that builds up on the lining can leave an unpleasant odour and a damp feel when you come to slip the gloves on.  These little beauties are highly convenient; simply pop them into the gloves at the end of a session and they absorb the residual sweat and odour through......well, I've no idea.  Magic?  Whatever it is, it meant that next time I came back to use them it felt like using the gloves for the first time.  An absolute essential to any gym bag and at only £5 for a pair, frankly you would be daft not to invest: