A Letter to Eddie

Dear Eddie,

How’s the weather looking for Cardiff Saturday?  Bit dull and miserable I suspect, but that’s fine, the roof will be on and you can ignore the external issues that you have no control over.  Sounds familiar?  Exchange the weather for the voice of the fans Edward – you’ve put the Matchroom roof up for too long now.

You’ve had a ‘mare here.  I don’t blame you, it’s just one of those things.  Pulev pulling out, Johnson pulling out…….mate, when Lenroy Thomas pulling out is a significant problem, then we know there’s an issue.  It’s not your fault, we get that.  But it’s your responsibility to carry the can; it’s your show.  Well, we assume it is? 

Fair one, when Pulev pulled out you had Carlos Takam running hill sprints at altitude just in case.  I’m sure he is definitely 100% fit and ready and will be the biggest test of Joshua’s career.   Then you’ve got Craig Richards up to light heavy for Frank, you’ve shuffled the pack.  Lenroy Thomas pulls out, so we apparently are getting Dorian Darch.  What a PPV event that will be, can’t wait. 

A super flyweight world title fight against a guy who beats up debutants and a female world title fight that I’m not even sure you’ve remembered is happening.  What a PPV event.

So the fans call out – “this isn’t PPV worthy”.  They’re right, it isn’t.  You know that Eddie, just be honest with us.  We’ll respect you more for it.  Don’t shut the roof.  However, I also understand there are other considerations; commercial agreements with Joshua, Sky contracts to fulfil etc. 

Therefore I’m not even asking you to pull this from PPV.  We get that it would be a ball ache at a weeks notice, so keep charging £20 for it and people can vote with their wallets.  Unfortunately there isn’t another PPV doing hill sprints in preparation that you can sub in at late notice.  I will, however, give you a solution.

Do the next Joshua fight for free. 

Have you picked yourself up yet?  OK, read on.  Chances are that it’ll be a Pulev, or an Ortiz etc.  Nobody is anticipating you give away Wilder for nothing.  So do one of the less commercially appealing fights, do it at the O2 and you’ll sell the place out (unlike Cardiff on Saturday by the sounds of it).  Yeah, chances are you’ll take a loss financially – but what you’ll get is some good-will.  You’ll get some trust back, and respect, from us fans who give you a hard time too often.
I realise the likelihood of this is akin to Takam pulling off a victory Saturday.  However I like to offer solutions, not problems.  You’ve had enough problems this month already.

So Edward; don’t shut the roof on us.  I’m telling you how to help get out of this and put that traditional positive Eddie spin on things.